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We feel so lucky to have our amazing friend Sara from Confetti Sunshine here to share a book as part of our Summer Reading Series.

Hi! I am so excited to be here with you today! I love hosting and creating parties as well as celebrating any chance I get. I, also, have three little daughters, so most of our books seem to be about little girls and parties. Go figure.

Tea Rex Fun Book Idea via @PagingSupermom

One of our most recent reads is called Tea Rex by Molly Idle. It is an adorable book about a little girl who invites a Tyrannosaurus Rex over for tea. Most of the book is about the craziness that ensues and the little girl trying to be a gracious host. It is a great book for kids and parents alike.

Free Printable Dinosaur Tea Party Invitations via @PagingSupermom

When I decided to use this book for the Books Alive series, it was obvious that a tea party would need to be involved. Whenever my daughters host a party, they always want to help with the crafting. So, I designed these free printable Tea Party Invitations with room for kids to color around the information.

Download the Free Printable Tea Party Invitations.

Simply print and cut out the invitations. Then gather up markers, crayons, colored pencils, or (our favorite) watercolor paints. Let your kids decorate their Tea Party invitations around the edges. Each invitation gets to be beautifully unique!

Free Printable Girly Dinosaur Tea Party Invitations via @PagingSupermom

Once your invitations are dry, send them out to your Tyrannosaurus Rex friends, or any other friends you would like to invite over.

Need some awesome Dinosaur inspired party decoration ideas? Try using these Dinosaur Party free printables, serve these Dinosaur Party DIY Yogurt Fossils, decorate with these adorable DIY Dinosaur Vases, and give out these Adopt A Dinosaur Party Favors!

Sara runs the blog Confetti Sunshine at the same time as taking care of 3 adorable daughters. Her blog often reflex her life of constant celebrating and tea parties. She loves DIY parties and hopes to inspire you to celebrate life!

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