Oh Boy! Baby Shower Brunch

Continuing our April Showers month — here is a simple and elegant baby shower for a little boy. Shanna, a good friend and Supermom, recently had her third little boy. Before he was born my friend Ashley and I collaborated to create a simple brunch for a few close family and friends of Shanna. A couple things about Shanna: she’s simple, earth-friendly and an excellent momma. As we were brainstorming a theme, we wanted it to feel fresh and easy and give her a chance to relax before another little boy would be demanding her attention. We quickly decided a sit-down brunch would be perfect.

boy baby shower place setting

We started with the menu — this is where Ashley really shines. She’s excellent at selecting delicious recipes and pulling together party menus like a chef. Once we settled on quiche for the main course, we did a quick brainstorm to come up with sides. Shanna was craving raspberries at the time, so we were sure to include those in our mixed berries. Our menu:

:: Vegetarian Herbed Quiche
:: Rosemary Potatoes
:: Apple Muffins
:: Mixed Berries
:: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
:: Water

We prepared a place setting for each guest, complete with place card, menu and pre-poured drinks. We wanted to have as much done as possible before guests arrived so we, too, could enjoy the time together.

oh boy baby shower brunch place setting

The menu mimicked the invitation and gave a brief description of each food item. We thought the description was an important detail because we had vegetarians and other food-restricted guests. The printed menu let the guests know each food item met their dietary needs, without an awkward announcement.

boy baby shower  menu

Ash found cute single-flower glass vases at Target, so we filled each with a simple white tulip and a personalized flag. They served as place cards and favors. (The vases are not available online, so check your local Target if you’re interested.)

boy baby shower placecards

Originally the brunch was going to be held outside on Ashley’s back patio. It backs a mountain and feels so peaceful (unless you have her twin boys playing with my two boys — then it’s loud). However, the weather forecast called for wind and rain, so the night before the party, we decided to host it inside. Since we couldn’t have her beautiful gardens and view as our backdrop, we decided to decorate with fresh flowers. Although neither of us are florists by any stretch of the imagination, we managed to stuff a small vase full of green mums to our satisfaction. We set the vase by a handwritten Oh Boy! sign and a metal tree with blue baby socks clipped on with embellished clothespins.

boy baby shower oh boy chalkboard

The extra mums were slipped into more small vases and lined down the middle of the dining table. We both felt low, simple centerpiece would provide the best conversation.

boy baby shower simple centerpiece

As Shanna opened her gifts, we recorded them on a coordinating paper, ready for Baby Boy’s scrapbook.

boy baby shower gift list

We made a simple Oh Boy! banner to hang near the dining area as well.

boy baby shower banner

After breakfast we all enjoyed a slice of coconut cream cake.

boy baby shower baby cake

I thought the circle details on the side of the cake were especially fun.

boy baby shower cake

Come back for the party recipes and free printables!


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