Stylish & Kid-Friendly New Year’s Bash!

Let’s face it… once you’ve got kiddos much of the appeal of an all-night, New Year’s bash is gone. Babysitters are virtually non-existent, but we’ve got some ideas and free printables to help you create a fabulous New Year’s celebration that you can throw right at home.

Free Printable New Year's Party Decor via @PagingSupermom

Being in Arizona, we have always celebrated the New Year along with the crowd in Time Square, New York. We watch the ball drop at 10pm and send the kids off to bed. Then we take advantage of some adult time while we await midnight or just crash because we’re totally wiped out from holiday stress — it could really go either way! Depending on your timezone and kid’s ages this idea may or may not work, but here we have all the makings of a stylish but more importantly EASY New Year’s party.

Kid-Friendly & Stylish New Year's Party with lots of cute Free Printables at #freeprintables #newyears #2014

In lieu of breakable champagne flutes, we wrapped our favorite clear, plastic tumblers with festive black-and-white prints to serve a round of bubbly (sparkling apple cider of course).

Kid-Friendly & Stylish New Year's Party with lots of cute Free Printables at #freeprintables #newyears #2014

Download and print our Happy 2014 banner New Year’s Banner with All the Years, then cutout and string together. We used gold eyelash yarn that reminds us of fireworks.

Kid-Friendly & Stylish New Year's Party with lots of cute Free Printables at #freeprintables #newyears #2014

Sliced cheese, crackers, apples, olives and grapes are great accompaniments to a New Year’s toast, which are all totally kid friendly and healthy to boot.

Kid-Friendly & Stylish New Year's Party with lots of cute Free Printables at #freeprintables #newyears #2014

We dressed up wooden picks and spoons with gold pom poms found at the craft store and attached with hot glue.

Want to try this New Year's Float drink recipe and lots of family-friendly New Year's Party ideas and free printable decor at

Our kids go crazy for these delicious New Year’s Floats — tastes like apple pie a la mode! We simply substitute sparkling apple cider for root beer in this float. To make a perfect float always begin by filling the glass half way with the soda (in this case sparkling cider). Then add two scoops of vanilla ice cream. If there is room, top off with more soda.

Free Printable New Years Party Hats at

Our free printable party hats will get the kids in the celebratory spirit! Download and print our free printable template then cut out along the gray cutting guides. Wrap the cutout into a cone shape and stick the tab through the slit. Secure inside with tape. Glue on top a gold pom pom made using the same method shown below for the Noisemaker Bell. Staple or tape on ribbon or elastic straps to keep the hats on.

Free Printable New Years Party Hats & Clock Worksheet at

Our free printable clock worksheet is a great New Year’s party activity. Your family might also have fun with a bubble blowing contest — all you need is a bowl full of bubble gum and our free printable Bubble Meter.

How to make a New Year's Noisemaker Bell at #kidscraft

Inspired by our July 4th Firecracker Noisemaker, this easy New Year’s Bell makes a fun New Year’s party craft.

How to make a New Year's Noisemaker Bell at #kidscraft

TO MAKE: Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole in the top center of a 15-ounce, tin can. Next make the pom-pom handle by wrapping yarn (we used gold eyelash yarn) around your four fingers 15 times. Gently slide the yarn strands onto a work surface then tie a knot in the center with twine. Trim the ends of the twine to be even then thread through the hole in the top of can. Pull twine through until pom pom is resting on top of can. Securely tie on two bells, one at the edge of the can and one about an inch further down. Now you are all set to ring in 2014!

How to make a New Year's Noisemaker Bell at #kidscraft

Want more New Year’s party decor? Check out our Yippee Gender Reveal for more printables that would coordinate perfectly with this party!

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