Back to School With Neon Party Games

Keep your party guests busy with these three fun games, all of which require little more than a stash of paper clips.

Paperclip Party Games for a Back to School Party at

1. GUESSTIMATION. Fill a jar with as many paper clips as possible, and have party goers guess how many are inside. (HINT: Our 8 oz. jar held about 200 paper clips)

2. PAPER CLIP SCULPTURES. Let guests create their initials or, depending on age, other shapes using nothing but paper clips and their imagination. If desired, set up a gallery of creations and have guests vote on winners.

3. PAPER CLIP RACE. Set the timer for 30 seconds (or more); the team with the longest paper clip chain wins!

Head over to our friends at Lunch Pails & Lipstick where today we are sharing a fun idea and free printable for transforming those paper clip chains into party favors once the games are over.

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