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Q :: My daughter will be three in June. She is the poster child for non-girly girl. She loves cars, trucks, trains, construction vehicles, and, most of all, the movie Cars. Here is my question: How would you go about throwing a birthday party for a girl that is transportation themed? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! — Elizabeth S. from Atlanta, GA.

A :: Your daughter sounds like a lot of fun!! If it were us throwing the party, we would take inspiration from one of Bettijo’s favorite prints: Dwell Studio’s transportation series. We love all the colors in there — orange, green, aqua, brown and gray — these are by no means just “boy” colors. In fact we modified the shower curtain from this collection to use as a valance in Bettijo’s office. She then accented her office with lots of green, aqua and orange accessories — some of her favorite colors. Plus this color scheme lends itself very well to pops of hot pink if you want to up the girly factor a bit.

Dwell Transportation Shower Curtain

We did a BUMP! transportation-themed baby shower a while back that might have some ideas for you, especially for party food.

We also thought including some kind of a craft activity for your daughter’s party would be fun. Perhaps painting race cars — you can get kits online or at your local craft store. We recommend swapping out the provided paints with colors that match your party’s color scheme. You should be able to pick-up bottles of acrylic paints at a craft store for about a dollar each.

We hope this helps, Elizabeth. We look forward to hearing how your party turns out!

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  1. I think a retro “pink cadillac” theme would be SO cute for a 3 year old girl’s birthday. You could use a pink cadillac silloutte for things like the invite and cupcake toppers, play pink the driver in the car and red light/green light, and turn on the Beach Boys or other fun oldies (including, of course, “Pink Cadillac”) and have a little dance party, or use the music for “hot potato” with a car as the potato or musical chairs. You could even do drive in style food and serve milk shakes, grilled cheese sandwiches (use a car shaped cookie cutter) etc. If your daughter will tolerate it, you could decorate car shaped sugar cookies as an activity at the party. Have fun!


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