How Sweet it Is

What could be more perfect for a “Sweet 16” party then a candy bar? I set this one up for my cousin’s surprise party on Friday night.

sweet 16 candy bar


And there is my favorite 16 year old sampling the sweets.

yum yum

More Sweets

I put the Swedish Fish in the smallest jar, but surprisingly they were the crowd favorite. What is your favorite sweet?

win your favorite sweet!

Leave a comment telling me your favorite candy, and Friday I’ll be picking a couple lucky winners who will get the candy of their choice. Please ‘Join this Site’ (in the sidebar at right) for an extra shot at winning!

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37 thoughts on “How Sweet it Is”

  1. My favorite sweet is Strawberry Twizzlers! Love the candy bar idea for a birthday party! Also joined the page…great ideas for all super moms!

  2. My new absolute favorite we found while in Hawaii with Dale and Sharon. Coconut M&M’s WONDERFUL!!!!! If you haven’t tried them it’s a must if you like coconut!!! Yummy!. What a cute display, it reminds me of my kitchen “Grandma’s Candy Corner!!” My grandkids love it, the parents hate it!!! I sugar them up and send them home!!! Revenge is truly sweet!!! Love ya Aunt Starr

  3. My favorite has to be Red Vines. Can’t be Strawberry Twizzlers. Has to be Red Vines. In fact, when ever I buy a box of red vines I give them a slight pinch to make sure their fresh. The softer the better. Yum!….

  4. What?!?!? I can only pick one? Hmmmm… Almond Roca. But I’m a sucker for pretty much all of the aforementioned butt growers. ;)

  5. I would have to say Pretzel M&M’s. Can’t get enough of them. I loved your candy jar idea for your cousins 16th birthday. So cute!

  6. I love ANYTHING chocolate!!! But if I had to pick a favorite chocolate candy it would be a Snicker’s candy bar. It’s got chocolate, carmel and peanuts. It just tastes SOOOOO good!!!!

  7. I have a serious chocolate sweet-tooth– particularly dark chocolate. I love things like coconut & chocolate (mounds or any dark chocolate covered coconut), dark chocolate covered mints (think Yorks) and I adore Toffee!! It calls my name. Soft or hard- I love the stuff with nuts and chocolate.

  8. My favorite is the KitKat .. nothing better than a little wafe cookie and some chocolate .. lite but sweet ! We chill them in the fridge – a great summer night treat !

  9. My favorite is the Kit Kat … part wafer and then dipped in chocolate! We love to have them chilled in the fridge for a nice summer treat !

  10. I LOVE Cadbury Mini eggs but they are hard to find year round… bummer! I also love Almond Joy. Love this idea for a sweet 16 party!

  11. There is a candy that by far out-strips all the other candies. There is a candy that is so memorable, that when I eat it, I’m 8, 10, 15 years old again. That candy is SWEETARTS. They are not only delightfully sweet, but they are surprisingly tart, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors, (my favorite is pink-cherry). If you never have had them before, be prepared to be tongue-titilated. :) If you haven’t had them in awhile, maybe you need reminding!

  12. Umm….I don’t know, I can’t decide…I like swedish fish…but Butterfinger’s are pretty good too…maybe a Fastbreak…no I like Skor bars as well. Sheesh I don’t know. One of those! :O)

    I love the Sweet 16 idea~ the new blog is great!

  13. My favorite candy? The caramels my daughter makes at Christmas. I am not sure if it is the colorful foil wrappers or that she made them herself. The rest of the year it would be a Godiva’s dark chocolate raspberry truffle.

  14. Definitely RED VINES. Nothing compares to Red Vines.

    My wonderful hubby bought me 4 lbs of them between mothers day and my birthday.

    I was in heaven.

    Twizzlers(sp?) are a close second.

  15. I love candy in general. I could list so many things I like (reese’s cups, almond kisses, snickers bars, etc.) But today I’m craving peanut m&ms.


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