Modette’s First Birthday

I remember when my first baby’s first birthday came around — I couldn’t believe how fast time could fly. Well guess what, with baby No. 3 I’ve learned that time really just never slows down. I think baby Modette’s first year went by in record time, and with all the climbing and getting into things she’s been doing lately, I can tell she’s already well on her way to becoming a terrible two year old!

First Birthday Free Printable High Chair Signs #firstbirthday #printables

We recently shared Modette’s first birthday party over at One Charming Party. I love to think of all the places Modette will go some day — the inspiration behind her world traveler party theme. I designed printable high chair signs (there are boy and girl versions!) that you can download for free.

Her ruffly birthday cake was topped with a mini globe, and I added a darling pennant with her name. (Get a template personalized your little one here.)

World Traveler First Birthday Theme with Globes and Vintage Maps & Luggage #firstbirthday #traveler #globe

Since Piper and Modette have birthdays within a week of each other, I already had my hands full with the Lalaloopsy party plans. So I kept things relatively simple for Modette’s party (by my standards anyway).

I created a few easy decorations using old maps I had lying around and some that my grandfather had picked up for me at garage sales. He also found me quite a few vintage globes to set out at the party. (Thanks Grandpa!) I love to collect retro luggage so I set a few of my favorite pieces on the party table. They looked so fun, but notice that it was a totally sneaky way of making the table feel full even though the only food I served on it were water and the birthday cake!

First Birthday World Globe Traveler Theme #globe #travel #luggage #birthday

My favorite part of Modette’s party was the game. Actually games at a first birthday party can be tricky to plan — will there be adults attending? A mixture of children who are all different ages? And what about the birthday baby; shouldn’t the party be about them? Be sure to read all about the Korean-inspired, fortune-telling game we played that seems to be the perfect first birthday party activity.

Inflatable Globe Party Favors for First Birthday #printables #partyfavors #birthday #globe

We sent all our guests home with an inflatable globe packaged with a tag that says, “You’ve got the whole world in your hands.” So cute, right?! You can download the free printable stickers here.

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