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We saw Disney’s new Tangled movie at Thanksgiving, and my daughter fell quickly in love. As we were leaving the theater my oldest requested that her birthday party (which up until then was going to be a mermaid theme) be based on Tangled. I also thoroughly enjoyed the movie (if you haven’t yet taken your kids to see it, you simply MUST!), so I was happy to oblige her request.

The party is this Friday, and I still have lots to do. I’ll post all the party details next week, but first I wanted to share this tutorial for making my Tangled Tower Birthday Party Invitations (because the ones available at the store are definitely NOT super!)

Tangled Tower Birthday Party Invitations

EDITOR’S NOTE: Watch Bettijo showing Martha Stewart how to make this invitation here.

It took me a few days to come up with an invitation concept that met all my criteria: (1) Cute; (2) Was obviously for a Tangled/Rapunzel birthday party; (3) Did not infringe on any kind of trademarks or copyrights. Then I had this idea to make a “tower invitation” with a window cut-out and long Rapunzel braid coming down. I decided the invites should be sized to fit in a business, No. 10 envelope. When I made mine, I typeset the text with all the info for Atty’s party, but I created a Rapunzel Tower Birthday Party Invitation template that you can simply print and fill in with your details. After numerous requests, we also now offer a printable template customized with your own party info.

Here is what you’ll need to make the invites…
:: Rapunzel Invite Free Fill-In Template OR Purchase a Customized Printable Template
:: Cardstock paper
:: Golden Yellow Embroidery Thread
:: Thin Purple Ribbon
:: Rectangle or other window-ish paper punch
:: Hot Glue Gun
:: Scissors
:: Tape

What You Need

I printed my invites on a light purple, metallic paper from a local paper store. (At the same store I found some fun white No. 10 envelopes that actually opened on the end.) You can use whatever paper you like, but be careful not to get too thick — you don’t want much more than an 80lb cardstock or you’ll have issues with the paper punch.

Line Up the Punch

The template automatically will print two invitations per page. Cut the invites down to size and then punch out the window. I find it is easiest to put the paper into the punch up-side down so you can see where you’re punching and make sure it is properly aligned.

Punch out Rapunzel Window

In order to punch far enough down on the page, I found that the new Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page tool worked best.

Next make Rapunzel’s braid. You’ll need a skein of embroidery thread for every two invitations. My local craft store stocks the DMC brand, and I used both “Old Gold” and “Straw” colors since they didn’t have enough of either to make all 12 invitations. (By the way, after finishing the invites I decided I prefer the “Straw” color.)

Rapunzel Braid for Birthday Party Invitation

Measure out a 9-inch length of thread then wrap back and forth until you have a cluster of 16 strands. Clip the ends then tape down.

Tape Down Threads Separate and Braid

Separate the cluster into three groups and begin braiding.

Braid the Threads for Rapunzel's Hair

Finish Rapunzel Braid with Purple Ribbon

Tie off the bottom of the braid with the purple ribbon using a square knot. Tie off the top of the braid, just below the tape with an extra piece of thread.

Trim Top

Trim both the top and bottom of the braid to finish.

Braid is Finished!

Now attach Rapunzel’s braid to the “tower” invitation card.

Attach Rapunzel Braid to Birthday Invitation Card

Feed the top end of the braid through the window and secure in the back with hot glue.

Secure Rapunzel Braid to Birthday Invitation with Hot Glue

Also ad a small dot of glue to the front of the card, just under the window to help the braid lay correctly on the invite, avoiding the text.

Secure Braid to Front of Window

That’s it! Now just wait for someone to say, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Trust me, they WILL say it.

Rapunzel Tower Birthday Party Invitation Finished!

I was a bit stumped on how to dress up the envelopes, and Aimee suggested I have my daughter draw a Rapunzel on the front of each envelope. Most kids probably wouldn’t have the patience to execute this, but since my daughter absolutely loves to draw princesses, she did a great job. Here’s how they looked before we dropped them in the mail:

Tangled Birthday Invites Addressed and Ready!

After posting this, we’ve had several requests for a template of the yellow labels used on the envelopes. So here is a printable envelope label template with lines where you can fill in your own to/from info!

Easy Tangled Birthday Party Invitations

We’ve heard the requests for an easier Tangled Birthday Party Invitation, and we’ve created these two NEW! colorful and printable Rapunzel-themed invites. Download the free versions or get a template personalized with all your party details from our Supermom Co-Op.

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  1. I LOVE this- thank you so much & I can’t wait to get more details on your party- we are doing a Tangled party mid Feb. and it has been hard to find good ideas since its so new.. I LOVE the invites and will be using the idea for ours- Thanks!!!

  2. Thank-you so much for posting all these amazing ideas! I only wish I had seen these invites a few weeks ago when I was getting mine together. We are doing a “tangled” party for my daughter’s 5th birthday next week and I will definitely be stealing some of your great ideas! Thanks again so much!

  3. These are sooo cute. I can’t wait to try them for my daughter’s 6th birthday. What did you do for the thank yous? You had sooo many great ideas for the tangled party, you really are supermom!

    • Thanks Kea! I had been planning to create some cute invites that went along with the theme, but my daughter was given several art supplies from friends at the party (including glitter glue… Which she LOVED!). So she ended up using the supplies to make her thank you cards and each card was different.

  4. Just saw your invite on Martha- congratulations on your appearance! Very cute idea. I love that it’s simple but no question about it… it’s Rapunzel, and without violating any copyrights! Great Idea.

  5. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! What great ideas! My Daughter is so excited about her party. Thanks to you it’s sure to be a hit!

  6. I absolutely love this invitation. My daughter turns four and I too am doing a TANGLED bday party for her and will be using this invitation. Thanks for sharing.

  7. To add to your invitation, I just thought: What if we put my daughters picture looking out from the window (as if it was her hair coming down) I can add a purple colored card stock to the back. I will let you know how that works. Thanks again for your great idea.

  8. Cute, creative, and a lifesaver! My soon-to-be 4 year old requested a “Tangled” party, but the ready made items just didn’t do it for me. You really are a creative genius! Your children are blessed to have a mother like you, who takes the time to create precious memories :)

  9. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your talent. My daughter’s8th b-day is this weekend and we’re moving next weekend, so I am sooo glad I ran into your creative juices. Thanks for taking the time to post so the rest of us can sponge off your ideas. What a relief to have a cool and creative party ready to go!!

    • Moving is one of my least favorite things in the world — I feel for you. I’m so glad we could help in some small way. Good luck with your party and your move!

  10. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the birthday invitation idea! I need to send the invites out by Friday. I was able to open up the adobe file but couldn’t write on it. How do I adjust it so I can personalize it?

    • Hi Rupa, The only way I know to personalize it is to print it out and hand write in the details. I wish there was another way, but aside from recreating the invite yourself, I think printing/writing is the best option available. We’re looking into offering personalized printables for a nominal fee through a shop on Etsy.com. Hopefully that is something we’ll be able to have available in the near future, but I’m afraid it won’t be of much help for your deadline this week. Good luck with your party! –bettijo

  11. Fabulous ideas! So helpful! My daughter wants a Rapunzel party but we are doing it at our local science center this year. All of the things they provide are very science related which she loves but I promised her we’d incorporate a little Rapunzel for her as well.

  12. Thank you so much my daughter looked at the site with me and cannot wait to draw on the mail,( she thinks all envelopes are mail!!)

  13. The invites are so cute. My daughter just saw Tangled for the first time and decided she wanted a tangled party for her birthday. I was just wondering where did you find the punch for the window, all I could find are round ones.

  14. My daughter will be having a Rapuzel birthday party next month and absolutely love this idea for the invites.
    I will definitely use this, very creative!!!
    Thank you!

  15. All of this is sooo adorable. I just finished my invitations and my daughter is so excited! We are so thrilled with my daughter’s upcoming party — we have been planning it using a lot of your ideas for nearly 2 months now…and it’s still 3 weeks away. The only problem is that a “friend” who I told about the party planning I was doing completely stole everything I had compiled – and sent out her nearly identical invites for a party a WEEK earlier! Ugh! Regardless, I know my daughter will have a blast! Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas!!!

  16. My almost 4 year old granddaughter Sofia will be having her “Rapunzel” party in the party room of a children’s hair salon and spa. I saw you on Martha Stewart and immediately shared the invites with my daughter, and the inspiration went from there! Five of her friends will be able to be dressed up like princesses and then have their hair done with sparkles, nails and toes done in sparkles, play some games and have cupcakes. We’ll have to re-create the Ryder “Wanted” poster for game time. LOVED the idea of the “Rapunzel Paints” as a parting gift. I want to re-create your beautiful cake for her, so maybe I’ll do so at home for the family. AMAZING creativity! I’m hoping to get Daddy to make the lanterns for that night. Thank you, thank you!

  17. Amazing Party! I would like to print the invites with my daughter’s information and make the font darker – any suggestions on how to do that?

  18. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for having this idea for invitations for the Tangled theme birthday party! My daughter will be turning 4yrs old this August and at first was going with cookie monster then rewatched her Tangled movie and decided and has stuck with the Tangled them. Im on a very low budget and have been struggling to find something to use for invitations and found this site and your idea. love the thought and also might include the idea of another mom of using my daughter’s picture in the window as well. I am also making her a Tangled theme cake. my first one ever of making a cake. I will do my best to post pictures of the invites if I use her picture and the cake so all can see. Again thank you so much for having this. Sincerely, Kirsten

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Who knew someone turning 3 could be so specific about a birthday party theme? We’re hosting this weekend – but couldn’t have done it without all of your AMAZING ideas!!

  20. I’m wondering how you created the template for the invitation. The template that you published is pdf so it doesn’t allow to type in the information. I have terrible handwriting and don’t want to attempt to handwrite 30 invites. Can you share a tip as to how to make the template myself to allow for typing? I’m attempting in Excel and it isn’t going so well. :) Thanks! Your creativity is inspiring!

    • Hi Phyllis! You might have better luck using Microsoft Word. Be sure your page is setup with Landscape orientation and then make the document have 3 columns. Type in your party details and be sure the text is aligned left. Use the return key to add extra space to the top of your text so you have room to punch out the window. By the way, once you have one column looking that way you want it — you should be able to carefully select that whole column and copy and paste to the other two columns. I hope this helps!

  21. Thank you, thank you, for taking all the guess work out of a Rapunzel party for me. :) We just finished the invitations and they are super cute! And we’ll be using many of your game and decor ideas…what a time saver for me! Thanks!

  22. Thanks for this wonderful idea! My daughter will be 2 in October and she is ADDICTED to the Tangled movie and just LOVES “punzel”. I fell in love with your whole tangled theme, especially the cake. I did have a neat idea for a party favor. My husband and I found these tiny art canvas’ (2.5 by 3.5 inches)and mini art easels. So we thought we’d buy some watercolor paints and put the canvas,easel, and paints all together. thanks again

  23. OMG….tonight, while reading “Tangled” to my 4 1/2 year old daughter at bedtime for the 862nd time, she declared that she wanted her 5th birthday party to be a Tangled party. Mind you, her birthday isn’t until January, but if you knew me, you would know that I am one of “those” moms that has to make any birthday party as special for my kids as I can…as is apparent by my youngest son’s 1st birthday Sock Monkey party that was last weekend, for which I planned and worked on for almost the entire first year! Here is the link to that party if you are interested (https://scoopofreality.com/2011/07/going-bananas/). Anyway, I googled Tangled birthday party and of course, your blog came up as several links! I am in love with your ideas and I really hope you don’t mind me “borrowing” some of the ideas! I will definitely credit you for them when I finally blog about it (obviously in January 2012)! And….being a mommy blogger myself, I have now added your blog to my blogreader! I hope you will visit mine if you get a chance. Have a great week.

    • Your Sock Monkey party looks adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing the post with us. We’ll look forward to seeing your Tangled party next January — that is actually when my oldest daughter’s birthday is!

  24. Hi, I just found these great articles through a link in someone’s blog comments. What wonderful party ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us. My 5 year old has mentioned wanting to have a Tangled party for her next birthday. It’s still 6 months away, so I’m sure she’ll come up with 10 other different ideas between now and then…but just in case, I’m bookmarking this page! :)

    I have 3 little girls, I have a doll and Disney blog, and Tangled is my second favorite Disney movie, so this post was right up my alley. :)

  25. Hi – thanks for this great idea. I found this fabulous purple paper with glitter swirls so I printed the invite on pink and used the darker purple behind it for a layered look… LOVE IT!! Your segment on Martha Stewart was so cute too, bet they are selling tons of those punches ;) I know it takes a lot of time to put your ideas and steps on a blog like this, so THANKS, you guys are SUPER in my book!!

  26. Hi,
    I was wondering how you went about making your Rapunzel’s paint template. I would like to make one, like the one you have shown, with my daughter’s name, as well. I love all your ideas. Thanks so much for your time:)

  27. Thank U for your beautiful ideas, I saw your page some months ago, my little princess wants her birthday party of Tangled, but I lost this address, I was feeling sad! but finally I found it again… that time I saw a Pascal toy and something about Eugene… can you tell me where can I find this? God bless U thank U for this beautiful page!

  28. A few questions..what is a good intro for our invite to include the boys..something like “Princesses and pub thugs come get tangled up in fun”? I want moms to know it’s a party for boys too..what would you recommend to write that includes the little boys? Also, with the jello boats, did you use a tiny hole punch for the flags or just poke the toothpick through the paper? I bought purple cardstock and it seems a bit heavy to do this. Should I have them cut into straight strips with paper cutter to achieve perfect little triangles?
    Thanks so much.

  29. hi supermom!
    love your envelope template which is yellow on my screen but prints out pink! i’ve checked my printer (NEW CARTRIDGES!!!) and it’s fine – your other templates including the sun template is printing out perfectly yellow on my printer. did the source change or any idea about why it may be printing out pink? thanks so much – love all of your stuff – it is much appreciated!!

  30. Thank you so much for the great idea! I am using these invitations for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and she LOVES them! I added a few things tho… In the braid, I added light purple and light pink fake flowers (like Rapunzel had in the movie when the kids from town square did her hair) and in the window cut out, I added a picture of my daughter with her hair braided. (we even attatched one of the embroidery thread braids from the invitatioins to her hair because her hair is so short lol) It turned out great!! I would love to post a pic to show you, but I honestly don’t know how lol. But thanks again for the idea, it was perfect!

  31. Es precioso el detalle del dibujo al frente del sobre en las invitaciones, mi hija también hace un gran trabajo dibujando. Felicidades y gracias por compartir!!


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