Birdhouse Baby Shower

Last week we shared a darling Birdhouse Baby Shower over on One Charming Party. I threw the party last Fall for my friend Sarah, who was expecting her first girl.

Birdhouse Baby Shower food table at #babyshower #babygirl #birds

Birdhouse Baby Shower food table at #babyshower #babygirl #birds

I have always wanted to do something fun with those cute little birdhouses that I see every summer in the dollar bins at craft stores. Combining them together on a piece of inexpensive siding, created the perfect backdrop for the party’s yogurt parfait bar.

Birdhouse Baby Shower invitations at #babyshower #babygirl #birds

Perhaps my favorite little detail from this party was the handful of feathers included in the envelopes with the invitations. A personalized template of this Birdhouse Baby Shower invite is available in the Supermom Co-Op.

DIY alphabet baby blocks at #babyshower #babygirl #crafts

DIY alphabet baby blocks at #babyshower #babygirl #crafts

Instead of playing games at the baby shower, we had a couple craft tables setup where guests painted a DIY Alphabet Block Set for the baby’s nursery. It was a meainingful way to get everyone involved and interacting.

Birdhouse Baby Shower Party Favors at #babyshower #birds #babygirl

Be sure to check out all the pretty party details, including the how-tos and printable freebies, over at One Charming Party.

Photography by Stephanie Epperson.

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    I love the idea of the alphabet blocks, creating something for the baby to use. Where did you find the wooden blocks?


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