How to Host a Rapunzel Party

Ever since we posted about Attalie’s Rapunzel Birthday Party last year, we’ve been caught up in a bit of a Tangled whirlwind. When I was planning the party in December 2010, the movie was brand new and there weren’t a lot of ideas out there. So Aimée and I let our brainstorm run wild and the resulting party was loads of fun and landed us on the Martha Stewart show!


Equally fun has been sharing it with all of you and re-living the excitement as many of our readers have hosted their own Rapunzel Birthday Parties. Of course our inboxes have also filled up with lots of questions:

“How did you make that Tangled Birthday Cake?” and “Was it hard?”
“Got any other easy Rapunzel Birthday Cake ideas?”
“Do you have any printable Rapunzel cupcake toppers?”
“Where can I find a Rapunzel Crown template?”

And this one, asked more times than we can count, really got us thinking… “Do you know how I can customize that Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitation with my party details?”

So today, I am very excited to unveil a TOP SECRET project that was months in the making. We’ve heard the cries for help, and Aimée and I think we have the answer. Well two answers actually. (Be sure to scroll to the end of this post for the really BIG news.) First up is our NEW! Rapunzel Printable Party Pack and a few freebies.

We’ve created all the printables we think anyone would ever need to host their own Rapunzel Birthday Party (yes, even a printable Rapunzel Crown), and we’re giving a few of them away FREE! Feast your eyes…


We took most of our inspiration from the purple and yellow Kingdom Sun Pennants seen flying all over the town square at the Lantern Festival in the Tangled movie.

Printable Rapunzel cupcake toppers

We’ve got Tangled cupcakes covered! We made both the traditional printable cupcake toppers that can be punched out with a 2-inch circle punch, and we have Printable Tangled Sun Flags that look absolutely adorable on cupcakes too.

Printable Tangled Cupcake Toppers

These Rapunzel Party Punchables are very versatile — as well as being cupcake toppers they can be used to make food labels or as stickers for cups, party favors or even to give away to kids as prizes.

Printable Rapunzel Sun Flags can also be used to dress up the party food table in all kinds of ways. Make DIY appetizer or sandwich picks; fruit skewers; and drink or straw labels.


While we still love the Tangled Tower Cake from Attalie’s party, we wanted to answer the request for easier Rapunzel Birthday Cake ideas. This DIY mini-sun cake bunting is simple and sweet. I love the way it makes even a basic, 8-inch, store-bought cake look festive and fun!

Tangled Birthday Cake With Mini Sun Bunting

TO MAKE: First you’ll need our Sun Bunting Printable Template (you can also get a template customized with your child’s name). Cut out the triangles and glue to string. We used a hot glue gun and left about a half-inch of space between each flag. Once all the pennants are glued in place, wrap each end of the string around the top of a bamboo skewer and tie or glue in place. Then just stick the skewers into the cake so the banner is out-stretched. Totally doable, right?

Download Rapunzel Sun Sails for Jello Boats Party Food

All the kids’ favorite treat at our Tangled party were the Jello Sailboats, reminiscent of the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn go out on the lake to watch the lantern send off. We used purple construction paper sails for our boats last year, but I know a lot of people have wished for sails emblazoned with the Tangled Kingdom Sun. So we made those too!

I actually am a bit jealous I didn’t have all these printables a year ago when I threw my party. Also I wish I’d snapped a photo of Attalie’s face when she came home from school and walked into this Tangled Printable Party photo shoot Aimée and I had set up in my living room. She was all wide-eyed and excitedly asked, “What is going on?!” Piper quickly curbed Attalie’s enthusiasm, informing her that it was just a “fake” party, nothing to get excited about. Especially because there would be no eating of the Tangled cupcakes ’til later (a point Piper wanted to re-negotiate at least every 5 minutes).

Free Princess Crown Template

Aside from the birthday cake, a crown is one of those essential pieces for any little princess birthday party, and one that was openly missing from Attalie’s Rapunzel birthday party last year. I remember that Disney had a template for making one but it involved a lot of cutting and gluing that was clearly too much for the age of the kids at my party. I ran out of time to make a simpler version for Attalie, but somehow in the last year I managed to whip up this Rapunzel Crown Template.

TO MAKE: We printed our crown on metallic cardstock and then decorated with glue and glitter. Glitter at a birthday party is certainly not for the faint of heart. You could glitter the crowns ahead, or this glitter glue set is a smart alternative. Of course you can also give a printed Rapunzel crown template to each guest to simply color with crayons.

Anyone still with me? If so, YAY for you! I know this has been a long post. I’m glad you’re still here though because I saved the best news for last! As you’ve perused these photos you might have noticed the name “Maddie” and number “6” and been wondering how this Rapunzel Printable Party Pack was going to work for your daughter’s party because her name is NOT Maddie?!

Well, here’s the deal. Every time we got an email this year (and it was OFTEN) asking us how to personalize the Rapunzel Tower Invitation, Aimée and I would say how we really needed to open a little Etsy shop where people could buy a personalized PDF template. You see it adds to our own Supermom Moments to share our designs with you for free so you can in turn create Supermom Moments of your own. That is after all our mission here at Yet there are just some things, like a birthday party invitation, that require personalization we simply can’t do for everyone for free. So we created the SUPERMOM CO-OP!


If you stopped by in the past few days you might have seen the new Supermom Co-op button in our right sidebar. This is your place to get printable PDFs personalized with your own information for a nominal fee. We’ve started by offering all the Tangled stuff, and gradually we’ll be adding other parties and things. You can help by telling us which of the free printables you would like to have personalized?

I know I’ve thrown a lot at you today, so here’s a handy list that sums up all the freebie printables in our NEW! Rapunzel Printable Party Pack:

Rapunzel Sun Mini Cake Bunting
Kingdom Sun Jello Boat Sails
Kingdom Sun Full-size Pennants
Rapunzel Crown Template

Phew! That’s enough out of me. Time to hear from you — what do you think?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve heard the requests for an easier Tangled Birthday Party Invitation, and we’ve created these two NEW! colorful and printable Rapunzel-themed invites that can be personalized with all your party details. For more info visit our Supermom Co-Op.


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  1. LOVE it! I threw a Rapunzel birthday party for my daughter in October and used a lot of your ideas. These would have been fun to have too, but I LOVE love love the crown. That would have been the perfect craft for all the girls to do to round out the party. My make-your-own lantern craft was okay, but probably not as fun and glittery these would have been. Excited for it all! Thanks!

  2. My little girl is turning 4 and were having a party for her this weekend. We couldnt find anything she liked so we went with solid purple decorations. We are so excited to have found your site! She is so excited and thrilled that her party is going to be rapunzel and purple! She said this was the best thing in the world! lol

  3. Holy crap–you guys ROCK! Thank you so much!!! I’m planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday in May and I’m super excited. Thanks again!

  4. I made a version of the invitations and they turned out so great! Thank you so much for the inspiration — I found SO many other awesome things that I want to make from your site, too!

  5. Thank you so much for the free printables! I was dreading cutting out all of the suns for the banners and pennants, etc for my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday (and at 4, she’s not too much help, yet!). You’ve saved me so much time–you’re awesome (my husband really thanks you, also)!

  6. Thank you so much for these free printables! I just have one question: I just printed a few things off, and the purple looks more like a faded plum color, very different from the pictures you have posted. Could it be my printer? Or is that how they look? I’m tempted to take it to Kinko’s to see if it makes any difference. Would love any suggestions! Thanks so much for providing these-they are wonderful!

    • Hi Kelly, our prints are from a local copy center’s color laser printer. When there is a lot of color in a design I like to take it to the copy center to preserve my printer ink and because the color printed on their super nice printers is always so much richer and vibrant. You should be able to get color prints for around 50cents a page.

  7. hi i was woundering where i could get the flynn rider wanted poster at?? i would love to have pin the frying pan on flynn rider at my little girls bday party this year!

  8. Wow!!! I’m having my daughters Rapunzel party this weekend 3/3 & I was SUPER excited to have found this site! Your ideas & printables are amazing! It’s been very difficult to find much in the way of decorations for this theme, and my husband & I really thought that there would be more out there, but your ideas are so original I am in LOVE!! Can’t wait! Thanks so much!

  9. I loooooove all the cool ideas!!! I was already planning on activies and decorations for a Rapunzel party at the end of the month, I never thought looking at your web would make my life so much easier. Amazing ideas, my girl will love her party!!! Can’t wait, thank you!!!

  10. HI,
    Thanks alot for the ideas, they all are great!!1 I have a request, Can someone share the printable and editable version of the invitation and Thank you note???
    I am planning for my daughter;s 4th bday in 1st week of May, she loved this theme when i showed it to her…. I am very excited!!!!

  11. Your ideas are superb. I am planning Rapunzel bday party for my daughter next month. I wanted to send evites as invitations, do you have anything that can help me. Thanks for everything. You guys rock!

  12. Thank you very much for all of the ideas and printables, we are all looking forward to one of the best parties ever!

  13. Thanks for all the excellent ideas! I’m excited to get going on with the projects for my little one’s party!!

  14. I was able to print the boat sails but I cannot get the kingdom flags link to work correctly so that I can print it.

  15. Im having a hard time downloading your free printables….I keep seeing a $7.95 charge. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!!!!

    • Hi Jennifer, Go to the end of this post and you will see a link list to all of our free printables! It sounds like you have been looking at the personalized printables — those are the ones in our Etsy Supermom Co-Op shop, and we do charge a small fee for our time to add your child’s own name and age. But there are lots of free ones both at the end of this post and a few more if you read through this post here:

      Good luck with your party!

  16. Thank you Bettijo!
    I was able to get it to print with the right colors eventually by selecting a “color matching” feature on my print window then selecting “color sync”…in case anyone else has this problem with an HP printer.


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