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Okay, I’m not sure, but I think this might be the LONGEST post in the world…. so be warned. When we shared our Tangled Birthday Party we broke it into several posts, but we found that a lot of people who arrived at our posts from the archives or Pinterest missed some of the ideas so we decided to give you all our Birthday Party ideas inspired by Disney’s Frozen Movie in one, massive post. At least there are lots of pretty pictures…

Let’s begin with snowflakes! I might be a bit crazy, but I wanted to figure out how to cut paper snowflakes that looked just like the snowflake I made for my printable decor. If you want to cut these snowflakes just like these too, be sure to read my tutorial on how to cut a perfect snowflake to see how to work this magic. Wouldn’t it be fun to tuck a folded up snowflake into the envelope with your party invites?

How to cut a Perfect Snowflake and lots of Frozen Birthday Party Ideas at #frozen #snowflakes

Behold the party table…. see all that snowy goodness, do you feel an icy chill in the air? Are you laughing at me now?? (Can you tell I’m running on very little sleep???)

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at #frozen

I can’t help but be giddy about how this turned out. I think we totally nailed the Frozen Birthday Cake. This Snowball Tower Cake looks impressive, but don’t let it fool you — it is super easy to create. Check out our Frozen Birthday Cake tutorial.

Frozen Cupcake Toppers and lots of fun party ideas at #frozen

Also love these fun printable Frozen Cupcake Toppers including a template with the numbers 0-9 on that can be punched out with a 2in or 2.5in circle or square paper punch. (Name personalization is no longer available, but the template now just says “Happy Birthday”)

Frozen Cupcake Toppers and lots of fun party ideas at #frozen

Our Frozen Water Bottle Wraps totally make me smile… they feature two quotes from Frozen’s Olaf the Snowman. I love the “What Snowmen Do in Summer” song he sings in the movie, and clearly that is the perfect thing to put on a water bottle, along with the very sweet, “Some People are Worth Melting For.”

Frozen-Birthday-Party-Ideas 81
Free Printable Quotes from the Frozen movie and lots of fun Frozen Birthday Party Ideas at #frozen #freeprintables

We picked more favorite movie quotes and created a free printable Frozen Movie Quotes Pack with each of the four quotes as a 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 — all for free! These are perfect to print and frame as Frozen party decor.

Free Printable Quotes from the Frozen movie and lots of fun Frozen Birthday Party Ideas at #frozen #freeprintables

We are also offering free printable Frozen Party Food Tags. We suggest serving up Snowman Noses (Carrots), Snowman Arms (Pretzels), and Fresh Snow Dip (Ranch). Hot Cocoa would be perfect with Snow Balls (Donut Holes) and Edible Icicles (these or these). Finally we served Frozen Grapes, which if you haven’t had a frozen grape in a while you are in for a treat. I seriously don’t know why I don’t eat frozen grapes all the time? The kids totally asked for more “candy” so they clearly loved them too.

Frozen Grapes and lots of party food ideas for a Frozen Birthday Party at #frozen

We made quick and cute Snowball Sign Holders from styrofoam balls. Simply cut the foam ball in half then add an angled slit to the top where you can slide in the cards. Go ahead and glitter the big, white snowflakes on these signs too if you like.

Frozen Party Snowball Sign Holders Tutorial at #frozen

Aimée and I have the best time coming up with game ideas to go with a party theme, and this Frozen birthday party was no exception. Our brainstorming session was overflowing with ideas for party games and activities. Here are our favorite Frozen party game ideas, and with so many fun party games we think a Frozen Playdate would be super fun right about now!

Frozen Birthday Party Games and lots of ideas  at #frozen

Diamond Ice Bracelets. Get a bunch of clear glass or plastic beads, the chunkier the better. Have the party guests string them on elastic thread to make bracelets. Be sure to review our notes for tying a good knot in the elastic so it won’t come undone.

Frozen Birthday Party Games and lots of ideas  at #frozen

Kristoff’s Frozen Ice Blocks.
This ice stacking game is inspired by Kristoff, Anna’s friend. If you recall Kristoff has fallen on tough times since he’s in the business of selling ice, which no one is buying since the village is currently under frost. This fun party game can be a race or a test of skill. Freeze a bunch of ice cubes (we used these baby food trays to make cubes), and let the kids see who can build the tallest tower. Make things interesting by timing the builders or have them race to stack a specified number of blocks.

Frozen Birthday Party Games and lots of ideas  at #frozen

Of course a Snowball Toss is only fitting — toss styrofoam balls back and forth, into a bucket, or play hot potato or tag style.

More Frozen Party Game Ideas:
:: Build a Mini Snowman using white play dough
:: Snowball Fight with crumpled up paper or socks as snowballs
:: Pin the Nose on the Snowman
:: Cold Snowball instead of Hot Potato using these fun-looking ice spheres
:: Make snow and play with it
:: Puffed Snow Art

Have another Frozen party game or activity idea? Please share in the comments below.

Free Printable Elsa & Anna Crowns for a FROZEN Birthday Party and lots of other fun party ideas at #frozen #freeprintables

While we think a Frozen party needs lots of ice and snow, my daughters reminded us it is first and foremost an Ice Princess party, which means we need crowns! So we designed not one, but TWO free printable Frozen Crown Templates — one for each sister, of course. There is an icy blue one for Elsa fans and another in Anna’s signature orchid-purple-pink color.

Snow & Ice Bath Soak Free Recipe - party favor for a FROZEN Birthday Party via #frozen

This Snow & Ice Bath Soak can be made ahead to give as a party favor or create the bath salts as a party activity for your Frozen party.

Snow & Ice Bath Soak Recipe
:: 2-1/2 cups Ice Cream Rock Salt
:: 1 cup Epsom Salt
:: 1/2 cup Baking Soda
:: 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
:: 1/2 teaspoon Lavender Essential Oil

We found Rock Salt in red boxes in the baking aisle of the grocery store. It is intended to be used to help freeze homemade ice cream, and while not edible it is perfectly safe to use on skin and nice and chunky for making bath salts. Find the Epsom Salt in the pharmacy section.

TO MAKE: Combine all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well. Pull out about a half cup of the dry mix and add the oils. Mix well then add back into the large bowl and blend together. Fill into jars and add our Snow & Ice Bath Soak labels.

Snow & Ice Bath Soak Free Recipe - party favor for a FROZEN Birthday Party via #frozen

We had a lot of fun thinking up Frozen party favor ideas… a pair of gloves for each girl, a snowman kit, but we settled on this very easy, DIY Fleece Scarf that is made by simply cutting fleece.

Party Favor ideas for a FROZEN birthday party like this Super-easy DIY Fleece Scarf  at #frozen

We purchased a fleece that coordinated with our party, and left it folded the way it was right off the bolt. We cut perpendicular to the folded side of the fabric making 8-inch strips. To make the strip more scarf like, cut fringe by making 3-inch slits every half inch along the two ends.

Party Favor ideas for a FROZEN birthday party like this Super-easy DIY Fleece Scarf  at #frozen

Roll up scarves and use white eyelash yarn to tie on the free Snowflake Thank You Party Favor Tags and a plastic gem for good measure.

Phew! We covered a lot of ground, and I’m so glad you made it all the way through with me. Go see more party ideas over on our Frozen Pinterest board. Also in case you’ve lost track of all the wonderful printable goodness here is a recap of what’s in our FREE Frozen Party Pack:


  • Elsa & Auna Crown Templates
  • Frozen Quotes Frameable Decor Prints
  • Frozen-themed Party Food Labels
  • Frozen-themed Party Game Signs
  • Olaf Build a Snowman Pieces
  • Snow & Ice Bath Salt Label Template
  • Party Favor Tags – Purple Snowflake & “THANK YOU” Design
  • Go download the free pack!


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  9. The bath salts are the jars you used baby food sized jars and about how many jars did you fill from the recipe you included..thanks so much love the ideas…

  10. We bought customizable plastic snow globes (on clearance at 1/2 price bc they had a color-your-own VBS insert in them that was easy to swap out) and inserted Olaf pictures and a personal message for each guest. They loved them but I bet the 3D version you’re building will be even more of a hit!

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  12. Thank you so much for all the great ideas. I am working on a Frozen birthday party for this month for my son and daughter. I love the table decoration idea of snowflakes that the kids help me make to get them involved as well. Quick question – What type of table clothes or covers did you use? Looks like a blue felt material, is that correct? If so, where do you get something like that? Looks like some of the other tables were all white? Were these just for pictures or did you have multiple tables that looked different? Thanks again for the help.


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