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It seems like all my friends are writing cookbooks — okay it’s just 2 friends, but still 2 friends publishing cookbooks in one year is pretty awesome, right?! So I told you about Jamielyn’s cookbook a couple months ago, and how it’s so simple to follow that it’s actually a perfect cookbook for kids. Today I’m sharing another fabulous cookbook Upscale Downhome by my pal Rachel Hollis. This one is the best entertaining cookbook, but to understand how much fun you’re going to have with this cookbook, you need to know that Rachel is a gifted author. Do you remember the Girl books I told you about a while ago? If not, you should seriously consider requesting them as a last-minute stocking stuffer. It’s a three book series (Party Girl, Sweet Girl, Smart Girl) and I love every one.

Best Entertaining Cookbook

Back to her cookbook… of course the recipes are fab, but you might find yourself sitting down and actually reading this cookbook, since Rachel shares anecdotes and kitchen tips in her fun, witty storytelling way. It’s the next best thing to having a girlfriend hang out with you in the kitchen.

Rachel is also a Hollywood event planner so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about entertaining, and it really shows throughout her cookbook. I particularly love the “Parties” chapter where she shares a complete formula — with recipes and decor ideas — for several of the most common types of parties.

See Inside Rachel Hollis Upscale Downhome Cookbook via @PagingSupermom

Rachel Hollis Cookbook 3

Her realistic and refreshing take on hostessing is inspiring, and there are a bunch of recipes in there I’m planning to use for our family-friendly New Year’s Eve party this year. I mean just look at this baked brie…

See Inside Rachel Hollis Upscale Downhome Cookbook via @PagingSupermom

See Inside Rachel Hollis Upscale Downhome Cookbook via @PagingSupermom
Most of the recipes also include color, step-by-step photos so it’s even easier to replicate the creations.

Rachel really is just the type of genius that would include a “Leftovers” chapter in her cookbook, including recipes that will use up the leftovers from one of the other recipes in the book. Just another one of the ways that Upscale Downhome will help you make better use of your food and time in the kitchen.

See Inside Rachel Hollis Upscale Downhome Cookbook via @PagingSupermom

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