Olympic Rings Garland

There are few logos more recognizable then the 5-rings of the Olympics. Of course like any good logo this icon is heavily protected by trademarks, but our colorful ring garland has plenty of Olympic spirit.

Decoration for Summer Olympics Pipe Cleaner Olympic Rings Garland Chain #olympics

We made our Olympic Ring Garland using pipe cleaners in the five Olympic colors strung together like a chain.

Begin by bending a single blue pipe cleaner into a circle. Twist the ends together to secure. Bend each subsequent pipe cleaner into a circle, looping through the last one in the chain before securing the loop.

Twisting Piper Cleaners into an Olympic Ring Chain #olympics

We tied white ribbon onto both ends of the pipe cleaner chain to use for hanging our garland.

Olympic Rings Chain made with Piper Cleaners #olympics

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