Party Planning Checklist: How To Plan a Party & Keep Your Sanity!

What I’m sharing today is more than just a Party Planning Checklist — it’s a formula for throwing parties that are BOTH simple and fabulous! We all want that Pinterest-worthy perfection at our own parties, but it’s easy to get stuck in a pinning trap and become either so overwhelmed by ideas that we give up or take on WAY to much!

I’ll be at teaching at Pinners Conference in Arizona on Friday & Saturday, November 8th & 9th. You can get tickets here (Use code: SUPERMOM10 for 10% off). You can also buy tickets at the door, and they will also be live streaming my class so you can watch even if you’re not in AZ! I’ll be sharing my simplified approach to party planning and walking you through how to use my simply party planning checklist. I thought I’d share some highlights with you today.

Okay. So here’s how I bet a lot of you plan a party:

  • First you decided to have a party
  • You pick a theme (because it’s a lot easier to plan a party if you have a theme. Let’s just get that out there.)
  • Next you go to Pinterest and pin, pin, pin, pin, pin…
  • Then you get overwhelmed!
  • What happens next will vary a bit. Probably about half of you will just decide to call the local pizza place or trampoline park, shell out too much cash and be done with it. The other half of you will stop sleeping until the party so that you can try to execute everything on your Pinterest board.
  • There’s got to be a better way — right?!

There is absolutely a better way!

Now let’s talk about how to keep things simple. To do it we need to shift our focus from decor, food, and so forth, to the guest experience. Think about what it’s going to be like for the people who are at your party. 

How to be a Good Host

Honestly being a host is a lot like being a mom — who’s prepared to meet your kiddos needs wherever and whenever. Like I’ve always got an extra onesie for baby or a spare pair of underpants for my toddler in my handbag along with a few snacks, water bottle, bandaids and a few toys maybe even candy for bribery. It’s that same kind of thinking ahead that I’m talking about — you are trying to anticipate your guests needs and expectations and be prepared to meet them.

Those of you that know me, know how much of an understatement it is to say that I love to throw parties LOL! Trust me I know what it means to have a fabulous party, but I’ve also started to pay attention to which details really made an impact so that I could make smarter choices about how to invest my time.

Do you remember Attalie’s Egyptian Birthday Party from about four years ago? It was so fabulous but completely overboard. Since I’m called on to throw parties, mostly baby showers, almost monthly, I started paying attention to those details that really had the most impact, and more importantly those things that were particularly time consuming but left little lasting impression.

I’ve distilled it down into a super-simple party planning formula. The key to a fabulous celebration — one that will be remembered for years to come — is to keep things simple and focus in on a few special details that will truly enhance your guest’s EXPERIENCE.

Sure I’ll still look to Pinterest for ideas, but I set a time limit for collecting inspiration and then I make an actionable plan!

My SIMPLE Party Planning Checklist

I think the best part of my party planning class will be this printable party planning checklist that I created a few years ago. I decided I just couldn’t keep such a fab printable from you, so all you have to do if you want it — fill out the form at the end of this post for instant access to the FREE download!

Fill out the form at the end of this post for instant access to my FREE Party Planning Checklist!

Get this FREE Party Planning Checklist. A free printable party planning worksheet via @PagingSupermom

HOW TO USE This Party Planning Checklist

The main goal of this checklist is to help you filter out and choose only the best, most worthwhile things to do.

I find that when most people, myself included, set out to plan a party, the first stop is usually Pinterest, am I right? Pinterest is a great brainstorming tool, but it’s kind of like a power tool… useful but dangerous if not used safely LOL!

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Pinterest is filled with SO MANY IDEAS, and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and that’s not just in regards to parties. Controlling the urge to compare yourself and your life to what you see on Pinterest, is vital for your own happiness.

Back to parties though, if you try to take on too much you’re likely to drive yourself completely crazy or perhaps give up altogether. On the other hand, it’s easy to get sucked into pinning and spend all your planning time unproductively collecting ideas but never actually getting anything done!

So be cautious, and while you’re in the brainstorming stage, collect as many ideas as you like, but you can’t brainstorm forever. The next step is to  print out my handy party planning checklist and narrow things down so you’ll have a plan for a pinterest-worthy party that is totally doable!

I literally give myself a time limit for how long I can be in this “inspiration” stage. Depending on my overall party planning timeline, I might give myself 30m to pin ideas on Pinterest, or I might spend a little time here and there over a week. It’s fine to be flexible. What is important, though, is that you stick to the cut off and move yourself into actually creating a plan, which is where this Party Planning Checklist comes in.

Print out my free checklist, then sit down with your Pinterest board of ideas and start filling in the worksheet. It will guide you through my formula so you’ll have all your bases covered. Once the sheet is filled out you’re done planning! Now it’s time to make your to-do list, which will be much more manageable since you’ve zeroed in on only the most important pieces for your party.

Party Planning Checklist to help you simplify and throw a fab party without going insane! via @PagingSupermom

My Party Supply Wish List

In my class I will also be sharing a list of my must-have party supplies, which is something several of my friends have been bugging me for. Please don’t feel the need to go get everything all at once, it’s taken me years to collect my whole stash of party stuff, and that is totally fine.

My MUST-HAVE Serving Pieces

Below is a round up of my must-have serving pieces. These pieces are the ones I love and use all the time.

Hopefully this list can just help you plan and maybe you can add a few things to your Christmas or birthday wish lists. I know you’ll want to be sure to pin this post so you’ll be able to find it easily in the future!

Paging Supermom's must-have serving pieces for a hostess

1. cb2 cuatro platters | 2. white tuxton serving bowls | 3. white 12-in cake stand | 4. clear glass drink dispenser | 5. glass heritage jars | 6. metals scoops | 7. metal pom tongs | 8. plain silver ladle | 9. metal sign holder clips or rings

This white butcher paper is my go-to for disposable table covers. It is the perfect size for covering a standard folding table. Use it plain or paint on stripes, dots, etc. It as cheap (maybe even cheaper) than disposable plastic tablecloths, which I hate because they’re see-through and just look, well, cheap!

My Favorite Party Decor

As far as party decor, you should definitely hit up My Mind’s Eye, which is my source for THE BEST handmade-looking party decor (in case you missed me raving about them here). They are offering 30% off to my Pinners Class, but you know I hate to leave you out. The code is “AZpinners” (valid through December 2019) …. but shhh! you didn’t hear that from me ;)

30% off My Minds Eye party decor -- looks like handmade and great prices via @PagingSupermom

Download my Free Party Planning Checklist

Ready to start planning without getting overwhelmed? Fill out the email form below to get instant access to my free party planning checklist that will walk you through each of the components of my Supermom Party Planning Formula. I’ve purposely limited this planner worksheet to just one page so you’ll be forced to SIMPLIFY your ideas and just invest time into the ones that will really make a difference.

Free Party Planning Checklist for kids parties, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more via @PagingSupermom

How to Plan a Party Without Going Insane? Get this FREE Party Planning Checklist from @PagingSupermom

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