Easy Tangled Party Invites

I promise we’ll be getting back to St. Patrick’s Day stuff later this week, but I’ve had these new Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations sitting on my desk for a couple months now and finally got around to photographing them.

I know we already showed you our super-cool Tangled Tower Invitation, and we still love that idea. (I mean it’s pretty hard not to love the idea that landed you on the Martha Stewart Show, right?!) However, it came to our attention after this post that many people were looking for a simpler invitation for their parties — what do you mean you don’t want to buy a special paper punch or make a dozen Rapunzel braids? We so hear you! So I set out to design a new, printable Tangled-themed birthday party invitation with absolutely no braiding required.

Easy Tangled Birthday Party Invitations

I was planning to just make one, but Aimée and I loved each of these designs equally well and couldn’t choose… so you’re actually get TWO new Tangled Birthday Party invite ideas (you’re welcome!)

Both of these new easier Rapunzel party invites coordinate with our new Tangled Printable Party Collection — read more about it here.


The beauty of these invitations is you just print, cut and mail. Of course, being the Supermom wannabes that we are, Aimée and I couldn’t resist adding a little something extra to the sun emblems with a bit of gold glitter and glue, but this DIY is truly easy.


ALL YOU NEED: school glue and some fine gold glitter. We used this one which is also available in our favorite glitter set. (Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about Martha’s glitter pack… Aimée and I both have and love it, and if you don’t already have it we say make it an early Easter gift to yourself!)


Oh yes, and you’ll need our free printable fill-in rapunzel party invitations templates here: Party at My Tower or Let’s Tangle. Don’t forget if you’d rather have the invite pre-filled with your party details (as shown in the photos) visit our Supermom Co-Op to get your personalized template.

HERE’S WHAT YOU DO: Take a clean sheet of paper and fold in half then open back up and lay flat on your work surface. Take your cut/printed invite and add a small circle of glue to the center of the sun. Lay glued invite onto work surface and sprinkle the glitter over the glued area covering completely. Pick up the invitation and while still holding over the paper on your work surface tap slightly to remove any excess glitter. Set the glittered invitation aside to dry. Pickup your folded sheet of paper (now covered with loose glitter) and use the crease at the center to funnel the unused glitter back into the container. Repeat for all the invitations and be sure to let the glue dry completely before placing in an envelope.

Free Tangled Birthday Party Invites

But don’t forget — all this glitter nonsense is just for those of us that are addicted to having that little something extra. This invitation design looks fabulous without the glitter too so no pressure — either way your little troop of princesses will be all set for a fabulous Rapunzel Birthday Party!

Bettijo Bridges

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Bettijo is the founder and designer of Paging Supermom where she shares creative ideas for family fun. Known for practical and kid-friendly activities, free printables and holiday entertainment. Bettijo was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show and has frequently appeared on local TV. Her work has also been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Redbook, Parents, Family Circle, and Health. She enjoys art, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. Mom of 4 kids.

7 thoughts on “Easy Tangled Party Invites”

  1. Can’t get these to print purple…they’re grey with pink instead of purple with yellow. Weird! It’s not my printer…other things print purple. I tried printing the banner triangles and an invitation but both printed in weird colors. Any suggestions or help?? Thanks! Love your site!! Julie

    • Thanks for your note. We hear about this issue from time to time and unfortunately we can’t duplicate it on our end. In speaking with some tech folks we think it is a printer specific issue — usually something to do with your particular printer or settings. Sorry — I know that isn’t much help, but if I were you I’d download all the files I want printed onto a flash drive and take them to be printed at a local copy center. This is honestly what I do most of the time anyway since these printables are ink heavy and they use up a lot of ink. Plus the prints at the copy center are always way more vibrant than those from my own printer — I think because it’s a color laser printer.

      You should be able to get color prints made for around 50cents a page, which when you factor in the cost of your own ink, the amount of ink coverage required by most of these printables, and the better quality at the copy center — 50 cents is a great deal. You can probably print out all the ones you’ll need for your party for just a few dollars.

      I hope this helps. Good luck with your party!

  2. Printing Solution Found!! :)
    Thanks so much for your insight Bettijo! Wanted to update our convo, as I found a solution that might be helpful for others having printing issues!! I use a Mac and an HP printer. When I initially printed the Rapunzel flags & invitations off your site, they were printing grey with pink medallions..weird coloring and all my settings appeared correct…and other purple internet printables were printing fine. I discovered the following settings changes will do the trick and print them as you see them on your site…purple/yellow. I don’t know if this will apply to all Mac users &/or all HP printer users…or both…but it’s worth throwing out there for those who have issues and want to give it a last ditch effort.
    So…you Mac users can type Command-P to print…then click the “Layout” drop-down box & change it to “Color Matching”…then choose “Color Sync” and voila…you’re set. Of course to print the flags, you have to tell it which page (1 or 2) you want to print (page 2 only, to print the flags). But that’s what worked for me and hopefully it’ll work for others having similar issues too! Yay! Go team, Julie

  3. Hi,
    I was just curious if you had a template for thank-you cards? I am not psycho mom, but always think it is nice if my daughter writes one to those who have given her something or helped her in some way. :) (You may have them and I am not seeing them. Just direct me…)
    I love all of the ideas and thanks so much for the printables!

  4. Hi! These are super adorable! Great work!

    I was directed here because of my love for Rapunzel and because of amazing designs! I was wondering if you know the exact font of the “Let’s Tangle.” It’s be really perfect for a project I’m completing!


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