Happy Birthday, Arizona!

Arizona Flags by Fr. Dougal McGuire

Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

As you may recall, Bettijo and I both live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The other day as she and I were driving to an event we spotted a new official sign on the freeway marking the centennial of Arizona’s statehood, which happens to be on February 14th.

I had no idea! (Where have I been?) Anyway, I’m always looking for excuses to celebrate with (and teach) my boys, so I’ve planned a small birthday party for Arizona that we’ll be having during our Monday evening Family Night. I’m planning to talk a little bit about the state’s history, give the boys a quick Arizona worksheet to color then sing Happy Birthday and enjoy a properly accessorized cupcake.


As part of our celebration I put together some Arizona-themed Party Punchables and a quick printable AZ flag banner. Also, I made a coloring flag worksheet for my boys, so I’m sharing them all with you here:

Download Arizona State Flag Party Punchables here.
Download Arizona State Flag bunting here.
Download Arizona Worksheet here.

Arizona Flags image above by Fr. Dougal McGuire.


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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Arizona!”

  1. Well aren’t these lovely?
    What program do you use to make these? I always wonder. I read an umpteen # of blogs but have yet to figure out what programs people use to make these wonderful graphic things. I am not overly technically inclined and anything outside of Microsoft Word baffles me…sort of.
    Keep up the great work. I loved the Valentine ideas.
    Happy 100th Arizona!

    • Thanks for the sweet words! Since our pre-Mom days, Bettijo and I have been graphic designers so we use a professional program Adobe Illustrator the most. With only a few exceptions, we draw all our own artwork on here (so you wont find any of our worksheet images in clip art). Hope that helps!


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