Our Favorite Party Supplies + 6 Giveaways!

I think it’s safe to assume that you all know we love to throw parties. So naturally we’ve got our favorites when it comes to party supplies… we’ve given a peak into our Little Black Book of party supplies with the monthly Charming Party Basics that we share over at One Charming Party. Today we are sharing a whole goody basket filled with our favorites, and of course, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re planning to ship the basket to one lucky reader (enter below!), but first let us explain why these things made our list of must haves.

Supermom's Favorite Party Supplies from PagingSupermom.com

Honeycomb Balls and Fans – Colorful tissue paper balls are festive and fun for hanging at a party, but what could be better? Honeycomb tissue paper balls and fans that fold FLAT for easy storing, plus they’re WAY easier to work with. Secure them open with a paper clip rather than the sticky adhesive they come with and these decorations can be reused over and over again.

Sleek 4×6 Sign Holder – The geniuses over at IKEA really did us all a huge favor when they created the Tolsby 4×6 frames. We’ve used them as centerpieces, cake toppers, signs and more. They can be easily spray painted and since they cost just a buck we may or may not own more than 50 of these…

9oz. Plastic Tumblers – I think some people thought we were kidding when we posted these plastic cups as a Charming Party Basic, but we’re totally serious that these are the ONLY plastic cups that are allowed at our parties. Their low profile makes them harder for kids to tip and they blend right in to the most formal or casual of party setups.

Coordinating Candy Balls – Call us anal, but we even like our candy to coordinate with the party’s theme!

Washi Tape – It was love at first sight with washi tape. Tape in general will always be useful at parties so how could we not fall head-over-heels fast for decorative, colorful tape?

Glassine Bags – Available in a variety of sizes, we stockpile glassine bags since they can be dressed up or down to suit any party and have about a hundred uses. We love that the semi-transparent glassine material gives a peak at what’s inside. They’re definitely a staple for packaging up party favors.

Versatile Metal Scoops – We own several sets of these metal scoops from World Market. They’re super affordable and with the variety of sizes included you’ll have a right-sized scoop for nearly all your party needs. Just keep these OUT of the dishwasher, and they’ll serve you well party after party.

Pretty Cupcake Liners – Cupcakes really do taste better when they’re pretty! Lately we’ve been taking to layering on cupcake liners for added texture and style. We love simple dots and stripes and look at ALL these options.

Lots of Balloons – Can you really even have a party without a few balloons?

Party Favor – Every party needs a favor (if you ask us!) and for this little party it’s these super-cute water guns… or as we like to think of them: a Supermom zapping ray gun!

Colorful Pens – It’s nice to be able to coordinate your pen color to the party. We love the smooth-writing, felt-tip Flair pens that boast vivid colors and crisp lines.

Metal Bucket – We like to collect metal buckets for stylishly corralling all sorts of things… just as it’s doing here!

Supermom's Favorite Party Supplies from PagingSupermom.com

THE 6 GIVEAWAYS PART: We are giving away this basket of our favorite SUPER party supplies to one lucky reader, (enter below!) PLUS… we’ve joined up with five other fabulous party bloggers who are doing the same! Just click on the pictures to go win loot from Shiny Happy Sprinkles, Confetti Sunshine, The Proper Pinwheel, Sew.Craft.Create and Girl. Inspired.

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  1. I love all the great simple tools but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say the washi tape. So many possibilities!


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