Easy Fiesta Decor & Piñata Fringe Cut File

I love throwing parties, especially the kind that involve lots of chips and salsa. This Fiesta Cut File Bundle is filled with all the SVG cut files you need to create lots of easy Fiesta decor that you can use to celebrate everything! Plus don’t miss my DIY Piñata Fringe cut file — it will be a big timesaver!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Decor & Dessert Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Cupcake Toppers via @PagingSupermom
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Decor Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Cupcake Toppers via @PagingSupermom

My favorite part of my Fiesta Decor SVG Cut File Bundle has to be the swoon-worthy Fiesta Cuties that my thirteen year old daughter drew — aren’t they darling? I’ll show you how to turn these Cuties into fiesta cupcake toppers in under 10 minutes with the Cricut machine’s Print & Cut feature. Plus I’ve got a BONUS Fringe Cut File that will make decorating your fiesta super easy. You’ll definitely want this file if you’re planning ot make a DIY piñata!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Decor Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Cupcake Toppers via @PagingSupermom

Fiesta Decor Ideas

I have always loved the intricately cut traditional Papel Picado banners, and I created a full Papel Picado Alphabet so you can make a DIY Papel Picado banner, with whatever message you want, in just a few minutes! With my SVG cut file alphabet you can create a banner in minutes.

Paging Supermom Papel Picado Alphabet

What are SVG files?

If you’re not familiar, SVG files are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which you means you can resize them from tiny to gigantic without sacrificing any image quality. You can use SVG files for a wide range of projects most common are for digital scrapbooking, and they are the best file format for designs you’ll cut with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines.

SVG files are graphics that are totally scaleable so you can use them for a wide range of projects.

I used my Fiesta Cuties SVG files from the Fiesta bundle to make adorable cupcake toppers, and with Cricut’s Print Then Cut Feature they are incredibly easy to make!

Get the Fiesta SVG Bundle

Ready to get started? Grab my cut file bundle for less than $10.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Fiesta Cuties Set of SVG Cut Files – these Cuties are setup to give you the option of being used with just their outline, for a simpler one-color project. I also inlcuded the colored fill pieces for layering a vinyl. These are perfect for vinyl, iron-on or for print & cut!
  • Papel Picado Alphabet – Spell out whatever you want using the Paper Picado alphabet. This 40-character set includes numbers 0-9 and popular punctuation and symbols. 
  • Fiesta Piñata Fringe SVG Cut File – This piñata fringe template can be sized with just a few clicks in the design space tool and you’re ready to cut fringe in whatever size you need it — this file is a HUGE timesaver if you’re making a DIY piñata.
Cinco de Mayo Dessert Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Cupcake Toppers via @PagingSupermom

How to Use Cricut Print & Cut to Make Cupcake Toppers

One of the coolest, time-saving tools of the Cricut Maker machine is the Print Then Cut feature. If this is your first time doing print & cut with your Cricut, you’ll need to plan to do a quick printer calibration (directions here).

Next you’ll need to import the Fiesta Cuties SVG files from my Fiesta bundle into the Cricut Design Space where you can Print then Cut. The design software will automatically recognize the different color layers in the SVG file, but this time we want everything to just print together. So click the top layer of the file group, (shown at No. 1 in the screenshot below) and this should select all the parts of the graphic. Next click on the flatten button (No. 2). Once you’ve got the designed flattened, you’ll want to adjust the size as desired in the area shown at No. 3.

Cricut Print Then Cut Demo via @PagingSupermom

Typically when I’m sizing graphics for cupcake toppers I make them 2-inches on the long side. I used that measurement as a starting point but since these Fiesta Cuties all varied so much in shape, I didn’t make them all exactly the same size, but I placed them all on the canvas and adjusted each one so they looked all about the same size. Here are the sizes I used: Lime (2 in.), Avocado (2 in.), Hot Sauce (2.8 in.), Soda (3 in.), Miss Pepper (2.5 in.), Señor Taco (2.25 in.) — all measurements are for the long side.

Once you have your graphics all flattened and sized, hit the green “Make It” button. Here the Cricut interface will guide you through the whole process — it’s super easy! Make sure you have white cardstock loaded into your printer before printing. Once you’ve printed, then put the print on the Light Grip Cricut Cutting Mat (the blue one), then follow the prompts to load it into the Cricut and cut out!

Print and cut these fiesta cuties on full-sheet labels to make stickers!

Now you’ll have your Fiesta Cuties all cut out and ready to glue onto lollipop sticks to finish your cupcake toppers. Also try Print & Cut on full-sheet labels to make these into cute stickers for cups or party favors.

Cinco de Mayo Easy Fiesta Decor & Dessert Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Sandwich Picks via @PagingSupermom

Every good fiesta needs loads of fringe details, but cutting out all that fringe is tiresome. With my Fringe SVG cut file (available to download below), you will be churning out fringe so fast you can cover everything!

How to Use Cricut to Cut Piñata Fringe

My Fiesta Fringe SVG file can be scaled in the Cricut Design space with just a couple of clicks so you can cut fringe in whatever size you need. Depending on the scale of your piñata, you can use the default size but you might want to just drag it larger.

I am not making a piñata today, but I will walk you through a quick tutorial showing how to cute the fringe to make these cute fringe cupcake toppers and cake stand trim, and you can use the same process to cut all the fringe you’d need to make a DIY piñata using my Fiesta Fringe SVG cut file template.

Super-Easy DIY Fringe Cake Stand with FREE Cut File - SVG to use with Cricut or other Cutting Machine for easy Fiesta Decor via @PagingSupermom
Super-Easy DIY Fringe Cake Stand with FREE Cut File - SVG to use with Cricut or other Cutting Machine via @PagingSupermom

I used double-sided adhesive to make my cake stand more festive. Afterwards I was able to cleanly remove the fringe and easily rubbed off any leftover adhesive.

If you plan to make a piñata you will definitely want to download my free fringe cut file, which can make fringe of various sizes.

You can also roll some fringe up on a lollipop stick to make these super-cute fringe frill toppers as shown below. For this job I used my Advanced Tape Glider which dispenses a double-sided tape with an incredibly strong hold. They look so adorable mixed in with the Fiesta Cuties on the cake stand. Who knew a simple sheet of copy paper could look so darling?! Imagine how cute these would be cut out of the shiny mylar silver or gold tissue paper they have for gifts? I didn’t have some on hand, but I want to try that next!

DIY Pinata Fringe Cut File

If you plan to make a piñata you will definitely want the Fiesta Fringe cut file from my Fiesta Pack. You can easily adjust the file in the Cricut Design Space to make fringe in whatever size you need. It’s such a big timesaver!

How to cut fringe for a Pinata using the cricut and my SVG pinata fringe cut file template
Super-Easy DIY Fringe Picks made with FREE Cut File - SVG to use with Cricut or other Cutting Machine via @PagingSupermom
Cinco de Mayo Dessert Ideas - easy print & cut Fiesta Cupcake Toppers via @PagingSupermom

Get the Fiesta Cut File Bundle

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