Make the Moana Heart of Te Fiti

The Heart of Te Fiti is a pretty big deal in Moana, and what kiddo wouldn’t want to have his/her own? This tutorial shows how you can easily make a Moana Heart of Te Fiti with your child or as the perfect Moana party favors.

Make the Heart of Te Fiti Moana. Super easy tutorial to DIY the Heart of Tafiti from @PagingSupermom

Is IT THE Heart of Tafiti or Te Fiti?

First, a bit of trivia… if you aren’t sure whether to spell it the Heart of Tafiti or Te Fiti, don’t feel bad. I had to look it up too! Before I made my watercolor “Heart of Te Fiti” gift cards, I did a bunch of Moana Te Fiti research, and learned that her name is spelled with an E, as in Heart of Te Fiti

Easy Moana Party Favors - cute packaged DIY Heart of Te Fiti stones - tutorial with free printable

The Best Moana Party Favors

Since we’re still pretty Moana crazy over here, we recently had a big Moana birthday party, and of course we had to have the Heart of Te Fiti party favors for everyone — we also made cookies. I am excited to share the whole Moana party with you, but I’m still putting the finishing touches on that post. I just couldn’t wait to share our Moana party favors, and this tutorial for how to make Moana’s Heart of Te Fiti.

You can totally make these for your own Moana party favors — I promise they are a cinch! Just be sure to grab that free watercolor “Heart of Te Fiti” gift cards template through the email form at the end of this post.

How to Make Moana's Heart of Te Fiti - great Moana Party Favor ideas. Easy tutorial with free printable

Moana Heart of Te Fiti TUTORIAL

After we first watched the movie, my kids were dying to come up with a DIY Heart of Te Fiti. I saw these flat green marbles at the dollar store, and knew they would be perfect. I first tried using a white paint pen, but a green paint pen looked so much more realistic.

This DIY Heart of Te Fiti really couldn’t be simpler. In fact, after I taught them how, my kids drew most of the stones. We easily made enough for all our guests as Moana party favors.

Moana Heart of Te Fiti Supplies

To make the Heart of Te Fiti from Moana, you’ll need just a couple supplies:

How to Make a Moana Heart of Te Fiti stones. Easy tutorial and free printable from @PagingSupermom

Make THE MOANA Heart of Te Fiti

As is typical with a paint pen, you’ll need to first press the tip on scratch paper and get the paint flowing easily. Next practice making your Moana swirl a few times. I learned the key to make the perfect ocean-wave swirl was to begin by drawing a backward S, as shown in the photo below. Then starting from each end of the S, draw a spiraling line out to the edge of the pebble, being careful not to let the lines intersect.

How to draw the Carving on the Moana Heart of TeFiti - begin with a backward S
Begin making your Moana Heart of Tafiti by drawing a backward S. Then starting from each end of the S draw a spiraling line out to the edge of the pebble, being careful not to let the lines intersect.

Next go back and embellish between the swirl lines: add little carrot marks, diamond-shapes, slashes or dots similar to the carvings seen on the real deal in the Moana movie. After a quick lesson, I let my girls loose, and they had lots of fun coming up with different variations on the ocean-swirl carving. I think their DIY Heart of Te Fiti turned out fabulous!

Finished DIY Heart of Te Fiti stones. Great Moana Party Favor Ideas. Follow this easy Moana Heart of Te Fiti tutorial with free printable packaging idea

Easy Moana Party Favor Ideas - make the Heart of Te Fiti stones using this easy tutorial with free printable

Package The Heart of Te Fiti For Moana PARTY FAVORS

If you will be using the Heart of Te Fiti stones as Moana party favors, here’s how to package them up for giving. Of course let the painted stones dry completely before packaging.

  • Download my “Heart of Te Fiti” free printable watercolor gift tags template, available via the email form below. Print that template on watercolor paper cut down to 8.5×11 inches so it will easily feed into your printer.
  • Use a straight cutter or scissors to cut out each card. 
  • You will also need either small 3×5-inch zip-top bags or adhesive dots for adhering the Heart of Te Fiti stones.
  • OPTIONAL: We added a bit of sand and a couple mini sea shells that I’d saved from some broken shell leis to give them a bit of that found-in-the-sea magic.

If you want to forego the whole sand and bag thing, you can also package up your Moana party favors very simply by attaching the stones with adhesive dots to the free printable “Heart of Te Fiti” Watercolor Gift tags (get the template via the email form below). I was actually originally planning to package my stones this way, but I couldn’t resist adding the sand and tiny sea shells, so I opted for the bags. Both ways are equally cute and a total #SupermomMoment!

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  1. Bettijo- In the words of Moana, “You are so amazing!” You’ve given me so many great ideas for my baby’s upcoming Moana party. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I made party favors for my daughter’s birthday party, they turned out great!

  3. what size bag did you use and where did you find the sand/shells?? I want to do this for my son’s party, it will definitely be a memorable favor.

  4. Hi, thank you for this post. I made them for my daughters for Christmas. I couldn’t find the jumbo green pebbles, so I bought the clear ones, and bought some green stained glass spray paint. They turned out so well!

  5. Thank you so much for this awesome idea! I created the hearts of Te Fiti for my daughter’s birthday party, and I’m ready to package them. I tried filling out my email address and information to complete the download of the printable tag, but each time I clicked on the provided link, it looped me into asking for my information again instead of letting me click into the link. I saw that this post was created a few years ago, so I hope that the printable tag is still available. It’s so pretty & it would create the perfect finishing touch to this adorable party favor!

  6. Hi, I’d like to receive the Heart of Te FitI free printable watercolor gift tags TEMPLATE, but the link to download It Is not more available.
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