Halloween Blood Bar

Last week I sent out the invitations for our annual All Hallow’s Eve Dinner Party. Since I never have the party pictures ready to share before Halloween, I usually don’t post them on our blog until the following year, but last year Aimee leaked a sneak peak. Well, the time has come to share our 2011 Blood Bar themed party! (Actually if you follow our posts over at One Charming Party, we shared some of these pics a couple weeks ago).

Half Dug Grave Halloween Yard Decor #halloween #decor #parties #frontyard

A half-dug grave and coffin in the front yard hinted at the party’s blood theme.

Halloween Party Decor PagingSupermom.com #halloweenparty

Although red isn’t traditionally a Halloween color, we used a color palette of black, white and crimson to tie in with the theme.

All Hallow's Eve Party Dinner Menu PagingSupermom.com #halloweenparty #menu

Every year we line the dinner table with clusters of drippy candles; yet the ghostly appearance and eerie atmosphere never get old. Isn’t it cool how the spooky, candlelit shadows dance across our guests faces? I seriously LOVE this party!

Blood Bar with Gauze Garland PagingSupermom.com #halloween #twilight #breakingdawn #bloodbar

We had an elaborate blood bar for mixing Vampire Cocktails available as guests arrived. We displayed three chilling drink recipes — the Hemoglobpolitan, Stabbery Daiquiri and Gin & Tourniquet — and invited guests to help themselves.

Stabbery Daquiri at a Vampire Mixology PagingSupermom.com #twilight #halloween #bloodbar

Hypodermic Stirring Needles PagingSupermom.com #halloween #vampire #twilight

The “Hypodermic Stirring Needles” have to be one of my favorite details.

Blood Vessel Drink Dispenser PagingSupermom.com #vampireparty #halloween #twilight #bloodbar

We decorated the beverage dispensers too look all official as if they were delivered by the Transylvanian Blood Bank. I think these “Blood Vessels” made the table. Be sure to read that label on the lid of the drink dispensers. All the printables, recipes and instructions to re-create this blood bar are available in our Supermom Co-Op.

Vampire Blood Bar PagingSupermom.com #halloweenparty #twilight #breakingdawn #bloodbar

For more details including our party favor and a free printable visit OneCharmingParty.com.

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