Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit

Cake Walk Kit Free Printables from @PagingSupermom

All week we are sharing a Halloween Carnival over at One Charming Party. Today we posted free printable invitations and envelope wraps for you to host the spooky affair. With lots of little ghosts and goblins running around wanting treats, we designed coordinating printables for a Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk.

TO MAKE: This is such a simple game to put together. Download our Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit. It includes full-page numbers 1-30 for players to stand on as well as mini numbersfor drawing the winner. Tape full-page numbers to the ground in a circle. Cut the small numbers apart and stash in a tin.

Download the Halloween Cake Walk Kit

Free Cake Walk Kit at PagingSupermom.com #halloweenparty #cakewalk #printables #halloween

Halloween Cake Walk Game for Kids at PagingSupermom.com #halloweenparty #cakewalk #printables #halloween

TO PLAY: Have your guests walk around the numbered circle while you play music. When the music stops, each guest should select a number to stand on. Draw a number from a tin. The player standing on the number you call wins a cupcake.

Check out these coordinating, free printable Halloween Cupcake Toppers!

Download our free printable Halloween Cakewalk Kit


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14 thoughts on “Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit”

  1. Is there any way I could be emailed the cakewalk file?? Every time I try to load it from any of my computers (3) it gives me some I/O error? I have a halloween party this weekend I’m throwing and it is carnival themed. This would be perfect!! Thank you!

  2. Is there a way to change the colors on these templates? They are really cute however I would prefer multicolored for a circus theme.

  3. Is there a way to change the colors to red instead of orange? I am having a carnival theme party for 2 year old and 8 year old next week!

  4. Is there anyway you could make numbers one through 50? We are doing it for a big church activity, but I would need them by tonight…?:) That would be awesome if you could, lmk! Thx!!

  5. I really liked these numbers for a cupcake walk but can you do them in red (instead of orange)? I would like to use them at our valentine’s day cake walk.

  6. Hi, thank you for responding to my email. The numbers now only go up to 24 on the small numbers that you pick out of a can. There is still not enough to go up to 30. Could you help me with this so we can use it for a fall community party?


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