White Witch Elegant Halloween Party

It’s time to share my annual All Hallow’s Eve dinner party! I always post the photos from the previous year’s party, and I love this White Witch theme so much I’m super excited to tell show you. It was such an elegant Halloween party…

White Witch - An Elegant Halloween Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch Sophisticated Halloween

I love all the cute Halloween decor, as much as anyone, and I have a particular soft spot for vintage pumpkin decorations, but I try to make my annual dinner a more elegant Halloween party. The first part of October I deck my house with orange, black and white, and the kids love it. Then when it comes time to prepare for the adult Halloween party, I change out the decorations to a more sophisticated type of spooky.

Each year’s dinner party theme will dictate the exact decor, but it is always an elegant Halloween party. See all my past Halloween parties here, and don’t miss my favorites… the Mad Lab, Woodland Witch and Ghost Music parties.

White Witch - An Elegant Halloween Party via @PagingSupermom

I tend to have a hard time picking a favorite part of my parties, but in this case one of the contenders is definitely this scrunchy white witch’s hat, I made to wear at the dinner party. I really wanted to take the easy way out and just buy a white witch hat, but they are hard to come by. So I read a bunch of tutorials and then dusted off my sewing machine and gave it a whirl. I am not a seamstress at all, so I was thrilled that it actually turned out!

White Witch - An Elegant Halloween Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch - A Sophisticated Halloween Dinner Party via @PagingSupermom

Love this striking WHITE WITCH Elegant Halloween Dinner Party from @PagingSupermom

Elegant Halloween Dinner Menu

We served up four courses of mostly white food — of course it was varying degrees of actual white to tan, but it was all colorless. The salad was the only green, but we added white veggies and colorless vinaigrette. Then came a “Ghostly Root Vegetable Soup,” which I’ve shared the recipe for below. For the main course we had chicken with a sautéed onion and mushroom sauce along with garlic mashed potatoes and white asparagus. We finished with “Iced Scream” pie. I just took a premade graham cracker crust, filled it with softened pralines & cream ice cream and then froze it back solid. We topped each piece with caramel sauce and whipped cream before serving.


4-6 potatoes, peeled & cubed (peeled)
1 large onion, chopped
6-8 cups chicken or vegetable stock
2-3 parsnips, peeled and sliced (like carrots)
3 cloves garlic, sliced
12 oz evaporated milk
salt and pepper to taste

Add potatoes, onion, parsnips and garlic to slow cooker. Pour broth over vegetables and add seasonings. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Before serving, slowly stir in the evaporated milk for a creamier taste and ghostly appearance.

Elegant Halloween Dinner Party

Love this striking WHITE WITCH Elegant Halloween Dinner Party from @PagingSupermom

This piled salt centerpiece, is an idea I’ve had mulling around in my mind for years. I saw a very striking dinner tablescape in Australia Vogue Living a while ago — there was salt piled high as a runner down the center of the table with towering taper candles. Don’t ask me how I got my hands on that magazine, and the idea wasn’t presented for Halloween, but I was very intrigued. I tore out the pages and saved it with my other Halloween dinner party ideas.

To bring this idea to life, we used water softener salt from Home Depot since it was the cheapest salt we could get our hands on. Be sure to buy the crystals and not the pellets. We used 5 bags of salt to create these glorious mounds. That’s essentially 200 pounds of salt, so it’s a good thing my kitchen table is super strong!

We just stuck candles of varying heights (see sources section below), directly into the salt and it held them upright. As the candles burned down near the salt they would make the salt pop, so we were sure to snuff them out as they got low, before things got dangerous.

Amazing Salt Centerpiece from Australian Vogue Living

White Witch - An Elegant Halloween Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch - A Sophisticated Halloween Dinner Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch - A Sophisticated Halloween Dinner Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch - An Elegant Halloween Party via @PagingSupermom

White Witch Elegant Halloween Party Cocktails via @PagingSupermom

Elegant Halloween Party Cocktails

Neither my husband or I drink alcohol, but decided to dabble with a little mixology. We created two virgin cocktails to mix up for our guests, and it was a lot of fun! Here’s our recipes, and if you don’t want virgin, they’d be pretty easy to modify. In the White Witch Party free printables kit, I included an editable “What’s Shakin'” sign for you.


Mint Soda recipe to Prepare Ahead:
2 cups Club Soda
1/4 tsp Peppermint Extract

Mix Each Drink Right Before Serving:
3/4 cup Mint Soda (see above)
1 TBS White Chocolate Syrup (Torani brand)
1 TBS Vanilla Syrup (Torani brand)
1 TBS Half & Half


Citrus Soda recipe to Prepare Ahead:
2 cups Mist Twist brand soda
1 cup Squirt brand soda

Mix Each Drink Right Before Serving:
3/4 cup Citrus Soda (see above)
1 TBS Half & Half
1/2 TBS Vanilla Syrup (Torani brand)

White Witch Elegant Halloween Party Cocktails via @PagingSupermom

White Witch Elegant Halloween Party Cocktails via @PagingSupermom

White Witch Elegant Halloween Party Cocktails via @PagingSupermom

I used a white chalkboard pen to write our guests’ names ahead of time on the foot of their cocktail glasses so people wouldn’t get their drinks mixed up. Afterwards it wiped right off. If you can’t find the chalk pen, I’m betting a paint pen would work and come off with nail polish remover (I haven’t tried it so test quick before you do a whole bunch LOL!)

Elegant Halloween Party Favor

Of course it seemed only right to send guests home with their own bottle of White Witch table salt. I found these cute little jars at Hobby Lobby, and I’m sharing the free printable label in case you want to have a White Witch Elegant Halloween Party of your own!

Elegant Halloween Party Favors - love this White Witch Party ideas via @PagingSupermom

Download the White Witch Party Free Printables


10-inch Taper Candles
18-inch Taper Candles
24-inch Taper Candles
Water Softener Salt (be sure to get crystals NOT pellets)
Deer Head Bust (spray painted white)
Dinner Plates
Evie Chairs
Stainless Drink Shaker & Jigger Set
Ice Scoop
Soda Bottles
Cocktail Menu Sign Holder
Cuatro Platters (I used both the Large and Medium ones)
Beverage Dispenser (similar to shown, I got mine a few years ago at Costco)
Martini Glasses
Chalkboard Marker
Fringe Backdrop for Cocktail Bar (I used 2)
Party Favor Salt Bottles

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