Backyard Movie Night

We hosted a “Movie Night Under the Stars” and showed one of my old favorites Charade, starring Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant. We used a projector to show the movie on our makeshift screen — a white sheet held onto the block wall with bricks.

Our lovely concession stand stocked with lots of old-fashioned, movie theater favorites.

We even had authentic paper straws thanks to Aimee!

I think Junior Mints were the crowd favorite.

Our big screen. My husband Heath had the brilliant idea to download from YouTube a pre-movie reel (the kind that used to be played at old drive-ins) and we had it going on the big screen while guests found their seats.

The party favors — stamps. If you’ve seen the movie this will make perfect sense. If not, you really should see it. By far my favorite Hepburn film.

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    • Hi Dawn, We actually made the food labels. I should post a printable template. Will let you know when we get a chance to do so.

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