Olympic Torch Veggie Tray

Looking for a healthy snack to nibble while watching the Summer Games? Our Olympic Torch Veggie tray takes the gold medal in this event.

Olympic Flame Veggie Tray #olympics

We borrowed the idea for bell pepper flames from our firefighter party and combined it with the cute tin can veggie tray from our Lalaloopsy party to create our Bell Pepper Olympic Torch.

What you need: red, orange and yellow bell peppers, a tin can, a bit of wax paper and your favorite veggie dip. Slice up the bell peppers the long way. Crumple the wax paper into a ball and stuff into the tin can to give the bell pepper flames a boost. Fill in the bell peppers using red towards the outside, then orange, and yellow in the center.

Olympic Torch Veggies Side By Side

We experimented with adding a pipe cleaner ring in each of the Olympic colors at the top of our torch, but couldn’t decide whether we liked it better plain or with the extra color. Which do you prefer?

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