Want to have a Nancy Drew Party?

Remember the Nancy Drew books? Well I love a good mystery, and I’ll always have a big soft spot when it comes to dear Nancy, my favorite amateur sleuth. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to inherit my mother’s collection of Nancy Drews (see Exhibit A below) — I believe my mom has had these books since her own childhood.

Aimée and I love receiving emails from readers asking for help. Sadly we aren’t able to answer all of them, but when Corrie S. wrote in last week asking for ideas for a Nancy Drew birthday party fit for a twenty something, my interest was immediately piqued. In fact, I couldn’t help myself — I went straight into party planning mode, no longer able to focus on what I was “supposed” to be doing, and quickly started pinning a bunch of Nancy Drew party ideas.

I just love this party theme. So much, in fact, that Aimée and I are now tossing around the idea of starting a Nancy Drew Book Club with our friends. (Anyone interested?) Turns out Aimée hasn’t read a single Nancy Drew book, EVER?! I think that needs to change.

So to help out dear reader Corrie (and possibly for our TBD Nancy Drew Book Club) here are my favorite Nancy Drew party ideas. Plus, keep reading to the end of this post for our freebie Nancy Drew Printable Party collection! Off we go…

Nancy Drew Birthday Party Inspiration Board


Exhibit {A} – My heirloom Nancy Drew book collection. Can’t wait until my girls are old enough to enjoy these too!

Exhibit {B} – I am head over heels for this adorable Nancy Drew Party Invite idea from On Hand Modern. They printed invitation text in teeny, 4-point font and included a magnifying glass to help guests decipher the details.

Exhibit {C} – It is hard not to adore this Vintage Newsprint baby shower thrown for one of the founders of Layla Grace. Most of the details seem just right for a Nancy Drew mystery party. I particularly love the vintage typewriter — how cute would that look as a centerpiece?

Exhibit {D} – Since the books are the inspiration, it only seems fitting to display them at the party. I’d steal this idea and stack up several vintage Nancy Drew books as a pedestal on the party food table.

Exhibit {E} – Another newspaper-inspired party with loads of ideas that feel very Nancy Drew.

Exhibit {F} – These cute, paper bag party favors (from the party shown in Exhibit E) sparked an idea for a Nancy Drew party game that sleuths of all ages would enjoy. I’m calling it: “What’s in the Bag?” This game is perfect for testing your guests’ sleuthing abilities.

HOW TO PLAY: Collect several unusually shaped, bag-sized objects. Using a black marker, number enough brown paper sacks to hold each object. Place each object into a bag and fold the top and staple closed. Line the bags up on a counter or table and invite guests to feel through the bags and determine the contents. Be sure to provide copies of our free printable Nancy Drew Mystery Notes and pencils, so guests can record the findings from their detective work.

Exhibit {G} – Also from On Hand Modern comes this Nancy Drew party favor idea for a Mini Detective Kit complete with notebook, pencil and whistle. Love it, but I prefer these whistles.

Exhibit {H} – Of course Nancy would never go anywhere without her trusty flashlight. I think I’d buy one of these very Nancy-esque vintage numbers off Etsy to display, and how cute would these mini flashlights be as party favors?

For more inspiration check out my Nancy Drew board on Pinterest.

I hope you’re digging this Nancy Drew stuff as much as I am. The final touch, of course, are some festive paper details. I designed a fun yellow plaid print (of which I’m sure Nancy would approve), and used it to create a whole collection of printable freebies for you:

Nancy Drew Free Printable Party Collection

First up is the mysterious printable Nancy Drew Party Banner. I also made some Nancy Drew Cupcake Toppers, we call them Party Punchables because you can decorate so much more than cupcakes with them — print these on a full-sheet label to make stickers to decorate just about anything. Our Nancy Drew Foldover Cards can be food labels, party favor tags or even used as guest name cards on the table. There was some extra room left on the page next to the Foldover Cards, so as an added bonus I squeezed on a few plaid party flags too!

As long as we’re on the subject, who wants to tell me their favorite Nancy Drew mystery?

Bettijo Bridges

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12 thoughts on “Want to have a Nancy Drew Party?”

  1. Holy cow! (Trying to think of an excited statement that Nancy might say, but I must confess it’s been too long since I’ve read one of her books.) My daughter and I have been planning a Nancy Drew party for her 11th birthday and I’m so glad you posted these great ideas and printables! Thank you so much!

  2. I am so grateful to you for making and sharing these printables!! I can’t even tell you how long I’ve wanted to have a Nancy Drew party. I have a daughter who shares my love of Miss Drew, so I know she’s going to be thrilled to see this. Thank you again!!!

  3. This party is wonderful! I am a huge Nancy Drew fan and even teach a Nancy Drew class.:) Let me know if you start a Book Club because I am SO in!;) Lori

  4. Totally love it! Now I want to go steal all my mom’s copies and start a Nancy Drew Book Club! Except I think I want it to be a mother daughter book club…where we read the books with our daughters, then throw the party after we have read so many of them. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  5. Re: Discontinued Nancy Drew Party Game (boxed set)
    PLEASE HELP – I am DESPARATE…I bought a Nancy Drew boxed mystery party game (#1 One Step Ahead) at Goodwill. It came with EVERYTHING…except the 4 part solution! Is there any mom out there who has access to this game and could provide me with the four part solution? The manufacturer is out of business; I have tried game sites, Nancy fan clubs, facebook , ebay and all to no avail. We are hosting a party next week and I am hoping someone can help me. Thanks in advance :)
    PS Love this game idea presented here – fantastic!

  6. Just wanted to thank you for all these ideas. My daughter followed in my footsteps and became a huge Nancy Drew fan. We play the electronic games as they come out. For her 21st birthday she wanted a Nancy Drew party – yup, never too old. I’ve used several of your ideas, and have been inspired with some of my own – so excited for her to see it all tomorrow – thank you!!

  7. Hello, I love all these ideas! We are having a Mystery Party for my 8 year old next weekend and I am so happy I found your blog! I was able to get the images for the Party Banner ( so cool ) but the Party puchables page never loads. I can see the title at the top of the page, but the contents never load…I just have the arrow continuously turning. I’m hoping you can help. Thanks so much!!


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