“Second Star To The Right” Neverland Baby Shower

I’m so thrilled to dive into the story of Peter Pan with you today. I have often thought a Neverland Baby Shower would be magical, and since this Neverland party is primarily for adults, I decided to forego more traditional Peter Pan party ideas, and instead I brought to life the memorable journey of soaring through the starry night towards the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.

Peter Pan Neverland party ideas via @PagingSupermom

It may seem odd to have a Peter Pan party without a shred of green, but I was smitten with the blue, aqua and purple colors of this galaxy print. If you look closely, all of the important characters are represented — there are swords for Peter Pan, Pirate Ship Parfaits for Captain Hook, and Pixie-Dusted Plates for Tinkerbell. The swirly design on the pieces from the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection totally complimented this theme; plus they made clean up a breeze.

Neverland Baby Shower Ideas via @PagingSupermom

I’m so excited about this cool “Second Star to the Right” Peter Pan party. One of my favorite Peter Pan quotes is in Disney’s animated version of Peter Pan, there is a part where Wendy explains to the Lost Boys what a mother is, and her beautiful quote became my inspiration for this whole party. I think a Neverland Baby Shower would be so magical, and I think these Neverland party ideas would also work perfectly for Mother’s Day tea party ideas!

At the end of this post you can get the FREE download of my printable Peter Pan quotes. I designed three quotes (see the other two below), and all are available as 8×10, 5×7 or 4×6 art prints that you can frame and display.

Free Printable Peter Pan Quotes via @PagingSupermom

Wendy explains to the Lost Boys what a mother is, and her beautiful quote became my inspiration for this whole party

Pirate Ship Parfaits for a Peter Pan Neverland Baby Shower via @PagingSupermom
Peter Pan Neverland party ideas via @PagingSupermom

How to Make a Starry Neverland Party Backdrop

I found this perfect galaxy backdrop on Amazon for less than $20, and I added two, big stars made from Chinet® Classic White™ Square plates — I used one dinner plate and one dessert plate. I applied a few coats of metallic silver craft paint, letting the plates dry in between coats. The first coat of paint will soak in and seal the plates, and the subsequent layers will really add the shine. Not all craft paints have a truly metallic sheen, but this silver paint worked well for me. Depending on your paint, you will probably need 2-3 coats. I finished by brushing on a bit of my DIY Glitter Glue (recipe below) for some extra sparkle.

Second Star to the Right Backdrop for Peter Pan Neverland Party ideas
Use a strong tape (like duct tape) to attach the stars to the backdrop. My ceilings are vaulted, but if you have lower ceilings to work with, you could paint an extra set of plates and make these stars double-sided. Sandwich fishing line glued into the middle, and then hang the plates from your ceiling. This way the stars could truly be floating!

Pirate Ship Parfaits for a Peter Pan Neverland Baby Shower via @PagingSupermom

DIY Easy Glittery Spoons

I love Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cutlery Set because the utensils are super strong and they come in a handy Serve & Store container that makes everyday use effortless. For this Neverland Party I dressed up the spoons a bit with some sparkly, pixie-dusted ribbon. The Chinet® cutlery has a die cut handle, which means attaching a piece of ribbon is super easy. Cut a 3 to 4 inch length of ribbon to attach to the spoon. Fold the pre-cut ribbon in half and insert the folded end through the slit at the end of the spoon’s handle. Take the two end pieces through the loop and pull tight. (If you’ve ever made a bookmark, you’ll know how to do this knot.)

Peter Pan Neverland Baby Shower 19
Pirate Ship Parfaits for a Peter Pan Neverland Baby Shower via @PagingSupermom

Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship Parfaits

To make my Pirate Ship Parfaits, I layered vanilla yogurt with blueberries in a Chinet® Cut Crystal® Stemless Wine Glass. Floating on the foamy ocean is a mini apple strudel topped with a Pirate Sail pick. You can go here to download the free printable Pirate Ship Sails. Cut out each sail, slit with a craft knife on top and bottom, then thread onto a toothpick. For a kid’s party you might want to opt to make these with orange-slice boats floating on blue gelatin, like I did for this Pirate party.

Pirate Ship Parfaits for a Peter Pan Neverland Baby Shower via @PagingSupermom

How to Make Pixie Dusted Plates for a Peter Pan Party via @PagingSupermom

Make Pixie-Dusted Plates & DIY Glitter Glue Recipe

You definitely need some pixie dust at a Neverland Baby Shower, and this quick DIY project would do Tinkerbell proud! There is only one downside to these glittered dessert plates — it’s hard to show in a photo how truly magical they are. Trust me, in person, these plates are so shimmery and gorgeous my daughters were swooning!

To make the Pixie-Dusted Dessert Plates, you’ll need to mix up easy DIY Glitter Glue that gives lots of glittery sparkle without the usual mess of glitter. I used coarse silver glitter and followed this photo tutorial for how to make glitter glue. I substituted clear school glue instead of the regular white stuff since I wanted the glue to dry perfectly clear. The bottle says regular, white school glue dries clear, but I tried it, and it made the on the Chinet® Cut Crystal® Dessert Plates look cloudy, so definitely use Elmer’s clear glue for this project.

Once you’ve mixed up your glitter glue, brush a generous coating onto the underside of a Chinet® Cut Crystal® plate. Of course you will need to leave the plates to dry for a few hours before stacking.

How to Make Pixie Dusted Plates for a Peter Pan Party via @PagingSupermom

I used the leftover glitter glue from making my Pixie-Dusted Plates to add shimmer to my square star plates for the table’s backdrop.

Peter Pan Neverland party ideas via @PagingSupermom
Peter Pan Neverland party ideas via @PagingSupermom

Free Printable Peter Pan Quotes

I designed several Peter Pan quotes on a colorful galaxy print similar to the backdrop for the table. Fill out the form below to get the three free printable Peter Pan quotes that you can print as a 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10.

Free Printable Peter Pan Quotes on galaxy prints via @pagingsupermom
Free Printable Peter Pan Quotes. Three favorite quotes available as 8x10, 5x7 and 4x6 prints via @PagingSupermom

Download the Peter Pan Art Prints

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