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Tangled Coloring

At the beginning of a birthday party, it’s nice to have a low-key activity to provide a gathering point for the kids. Coloring is simple and great because kids can easily jump right in as they arrive. For our Tangled birthday party, I downloaded some free printable coloring pages from the Disney website and put them out along with a jar of crayons on our family room table.

Rapunzel Pascal Party Blowers

After all the guests had arrived, we moved onto our party craft, which was making these Pascal Party Blowers. On New Year’s Eve my mom gave Attalie a party blower and after playing with it for a while, Attalie remarked how it was just like the tongue of Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Tangled. I smiled at her cleverness but didn’t think much of it until I saw this idea for Pascal Party Blowers as I was looking for Tangled coloring pages. After what Attalie had said, I figured we had to do this project for our craft.

Tangled Pascal Party Blowers

Before the party, I used the free template Disney provided for tracing and cutting out the Pascal heads from adhesive craft foam. The instructions also called for cutting out a bunch of white and yellow circles to create eyes, but I got googly eyes at the craft store to save time, and I think they’re much cuter. During the party, the kids adhered the googly eyes with glue dots and drew on smiley faces with black permanent marker. Since I didn’t want permanent marker all over my table and couch, I gave them to a couple of trusted adults who kept close tabs on the markers.

Pascal Licking Flynn in the Ear

To keep the party moving, we played “Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.” One of the funniest scenes in the Tangled movie is when Flynn climbs into Rapunzel’s tower, and surprised and scared of this intruder, she whacks him over the head with her only weapon: a black frying pan. The pan comes up several other times in the movie, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate into our party.

Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider Party Game

My mom accepted the tough job of drawing the Flynn Rider “Wanted” sign from the movie onto a poster board, and I got the much easier task of designing a frying pan printable to cutout and use in the game.

Flynn Rider and Frying Pan Tangled Birthday Party Game

After dinner, the kids decorated sun-shaped sugar cookies. I found a 3-inch sun cookie cutter for a couple dollars online. I almost forgot to order it, and remembered just a week before the party, but gratefully the company shipped super fast and it arrived in time.

Tangled Sun Sugar Cookie Decorating

I made the cookies ahead of time using my favorite recipe, which I got from my cousin a few years ago:

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

1 cup butter/margarine
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 cups flour

Instructions: Cream butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla together. Add sour cream and blend. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl then add to wet mix. Knead dough (I used a KitchenAid with the dough hook attached). Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Makes 5 dozen.

I made the dough up the night before and refrigerated it overnight. Then on the morning of the party, I rolled out, cut and baked the cookies. This recipe makes a lot of dough, so I froze the leftovers to use another time.

Yummy Sun Sugar Cookies

During the party we used plastic knives to scoop a large dollop of yellow frosting onto each child’s plate. We also gave them each a small cup of sprinkles.

Floating Paper Lantern From Tangled Movie

Probably one of the most impressive things in the Tangled movie are the floating lanterns released by the kingdom every year on Rapunzel’s birthday. I thought a lantern send-off would be the perfect way to end our party, but I’d never seen these lanterns before and wasn’t even sure if they were safe. It took a bit of digging to find that the floating lanterns in the movie were inspired by Flying Sky or Wish Lanterns used traditionally in some Asian cultures (Kongming is the Chinese name for the lanterns.)

I was eventually able to locate floating rice paper lanterns on Amazon. (Free shipping too!) If it had been up to me I would have ordered all white lanterns, but the birthday girl wanted a couple different colors.

Lighting a Sky Lantern Tangled Birthday Party

The sky lanterns work like hot air balloons but on a smaller scale. To send them off one person holds the paper lantern up, while another lights the fuel cell. The lantern fills with hot air and begins to lift off.

Rapunzel Sky Lantern Lift-off

Naturally I was concerned about safety with these lanterns. I understood that when setting them off you personally accept liability for whatever might happen. I think traditionally the lanterns are just lit and let go, but no matter how you look at it sending a flaming paper balloon uncontrolled into the sky is just asking for trouble.

Yellow Yarn to Secure Tangled Sky Lantern Safely

We decided the safest way to do it would be to tie the lanterns down, sort of like a kite, keeping them under control at all times. Rapunzel’s hair yarn did the job quite nicely.

Here’s a nice, little legal disclaimer from Superdad: Sky lanterns should be used only by adults with extreme caution. We at PagingSupermom.com provide these details for your information only. Should you choose to use sky lanterns yourself, please read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and understand that you always use the lanterns at your own risk.

Pink Tangled Floating Sky Lantern

We set the lanterns off one at a time and they floated up at least 50 feet into the sky. It really was a gorgeous sight.

After 5-10 minutes the fire in the lanterns would wane and they came floating back down. It was a good thing we had the paper lanterns secured with string so we could control their descent, keeping them out of trees, off our roof and safely away from people.

Tangled Sky Lantern Party Send-off

By this point in our party, most of the parents had returned to pick up their little party goers and stayed to watch the paper lantern send off.

Tangled Floating Sky Lantern

We ended up doing three lanterns (one of each color). The kids were in awe for the first couple, but started losing interest even though most of the adults were still enthralled. Luckily I had bought some sidewalk chalk as a backup activity — in the movie, Rapunzel colors on the sidewalk in the village with a bunch of kids. I wasn’t sure if we’d have a chance to use it, but I set out the chalk and the kids entertained themselves drawing pictures while we did the last sky lantern.

Tangled Party Sidewalk Chalk

It started raining as we were doing our last lantern, which could have been a bummer, but since we were pretty much done by that point, it was okay. Actually it gave me a nice head start with cleaning up the sidewalk chalk.

Rapunzel Paints Tangled Party Favor

Since Rapunzel is trapped in a tower all day, every day, for about 18 years, she becomes quite skilled at drawing and painting, among other things. Since my little princess also loves painting, I thought watercolors would be the perfect party favor for her to give to her friends. I found inexpensive watercolor paint sets at a local craft store. I removed the existing labels from the packaging and then put on a personalized “Rapunzel Paints” label.

Make your own Rapunzel Paint party favors with our free printable Rapunzel Paints label template. We also offer templates personalized with your child’s name for a nominal fee in our Supermom Co-op.

More Tangled Party Games and Activities

As I was brainstorming for this Rapunzel birthday party I came up with more party game and activity ideas then we had time to include. Here is a list of other favorite ideas that we didn’t get to use:

Tower Bean Bag Toss: I was thinking of making a few bean bags and then making a tower out of a large refrigerator-type cardboard box painted purple with a couple “window” targets cut out.

Rapunzel Hair Tug of War: This is one activity I really wanted to do, but I couldn’t track down a tug of war rope to borrow and didn’t have the budget to buy one.

Sun Medallion Necklace: Before I found the Pascal Party Blowers, the craft project I was planning was to make homemade modeling clay and using the sun cookie cutter to cut out and dry sun medallions. I planned to spray paint them gold ahead of time and then at the party let the kids string the medallions along with gold beads to make a necklace.

Souvenir Sun Flags: Since my party was for six year olds, I didn’t think this idea would work out too well, but for a party with kids a couple years older I think it would have been fun to prepare ahead of time flags made from purple rectangles stapled or glued onto dowels. Then provide fabric, glitter paint or pre-cut yellow felt suns for the kids to glue on and make their own souvenir sun flags like the one Rapunzel picked up at the kingdom’s lantern festival.

Paint the Walls: In the movie Rapunzel paints all the walls of her tower with her beautiful artwork. For a daytime party, I was thinking I could line my backyard walls with butcher paper, give the kids smocks, paint brushes and a bunch of washable paint then let them have at it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve heard the requests for an easier Tangled Birthday Party Invitation, and we’ve created these two NEW! colorful and printable Rapunzel-themed invites that can be personalized with all your party details. For more info visit our Supermom Co-Op.


Rapunzel Kingdom Sun Pennant Template
“Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn” Frying Pan Game Pieces

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  1. So fun! I loved all your games and the lanterns. My girls have already used their paints and guess what? I let them paint on their wall. Crazy huh? I can’t say it looks great but they had fun. I’m going to paint over it soon. :)

  2. Okay, I just noticed this entry with the party favors. You are so extremely clever. It is people like you that I am grateful for to help getting my creative juices flowing. Thanks again for all of this amazingness. What a beautiful and well thought of birthday party! Great pictures too!!!

  3. Hello.. I am amazed at your cleverness! I am so excited that I found your site, my daughters birthday is coming up and she is obsessed with this movie! Question.. I tried printing off the frying pans, and it only prints the wording.. not the pictures of the frying pans themselves. Can you help me with this. Thanks.


    • Hi Kim, We’ve had several people double check these printables for us, and they appear to be working normally. It sounds like they are opening for you okay in Adobe Reader. Is that right? Make sure to wait for all the artwork to load before printing. I’m not sure if that will help. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty you’re having.

  4. Great ideas! I am throwing a “Tangled” birthday party for my daughter in March, and this has given me lots of great ideas. For the “painting”, I am going to buy one of those cardboard castles on amazon.com and let the kids “paint” (color with crayons” Rapunzel’s castle.

  5. My daughter’s Tangled party is this Saturday. Thanks so much for all the ideas. I think you originally posted this just a couple days after I sent her invites out. I would have totally done the invites like yours! We are going to have the kids decorate white paper lanterns and make crowns for our crafty. I will be using your idea for decorations though…LOVE the Rapunzel braid for the door! Thank you!

  6. ADORABLE!!! All these ideas are so cute! Love them!!! Thank you creative mom and family!! The Rapunzel braid for the door is my favorite!

  7. Thanks for sharing so many details. Our Rapunzel party is coming up in 2 weeks and you’ve given a lot of great ideas! We are decorating mini flower pots as our craft idea and they each get a package of flower seeds. We are playing tug of war and climb Rapunzel’s hair (rope tied to the swing set). We will transform her swing set clubhouse into a tower by wrapping burlap around it. I am making the girl’s a Rapunzel braid out of fleece and foam swords for the boys. I am going to steal your ideas for the sidewalk chalk, coloring and flag banner!

  8. Thanks SO MUCH for these awesome ideas. Saturday I am throwing my will-be-5-year-old a Rapunzel/Tangled party. I found your blog while Googling a few weeks ago. You have been a TREMENDOUS resource. THANKS!!

  9. I have a quick question for you but wanted to first say that you are very crafty and love your ideas! I was wondering what you used to stick the frying pans to Flynn so that it wouldn’t tear/rip the poster board? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • We just used the clear office tape (We’ve always called it scotch tape, but I think that is just a brand name). I was planning to cover the poster with contact paper beforehand to help with this issue, but I ran out of time. It actually didn’t end up being a problem though, the office tape came right off easily, and we played a lot of rounds — even after the party my daughters still were playing with the game for a few weeks.

      I just looked at the poster and it still looks great, but I did notice that the poster board has a sort of silky side and a more paper-feeling side. We used the silkier side — perhaps that helped? Just a thought. Good luck with your party!


  11. Hi,
    I live in the UK and have just finished preparing my soon to be 4 year olds tangled themed party. You have supplied me with lots of wonderful ideas, thank you for your time!
    I used tangled characters as party island and bought a castle pinata with rapunzel in the window ( my daughters idea!)and arranged a treasure hunt of characters from the film for children to find. My cake is a work in progress, but I hope it all goes as swimmingly as your little girl’s party!

  12. I’m seriously in love with this party! My little girl loves Tangled, and we may do a similar party, thanks for your ideas, pictures and hard work! I was wondering if you’d mind posting a ballpark figure on the amount of $ I might need to budget for a party of this caliber? Thanks;)

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying our party ideas. Unfortunately I didn’t really track a budget, not because I had unlimited funds, but really because my budget would have been “as close to zero as possible.” I didn’t have a lot of money to spend so I made things from scratch and utilized supplies I had on hand. It helps that I didn’t have to purchase any of the serving pieces (cake stand, platters, bowls) since I already have those pieces.I have invested in white pieces that I can re-use for just about any party theme. Barring an investment in any serving pieces, I think it would be realistic to pull off this party for $100 or less.

  13. You just totally saved my life. My 5 year old just “switched” her party theme to Tangled giving me very little time to prepare. These are amazing ideas! Thanks!

  14. Geez… I’m so amazed with all the details you’ve been doing!!! WOW! It’s really inspiring! My daughter is in love with Tangled too, her birthday is still in October – so someday she asked for this as her bday theme party, I think I’ll be prepared because of you :D Great job!!!

  15. FUN! I was going to do the lanterns, too. Even bought them but our forecast for the day was “WINDY” so we decided to do helium balloons with LED lights inside. It wasn’t as pretty but much safer since they all went straight for the trees!

  16. I just wanted to add that for my daughters tangled party I found paper lanturns on amazon 12 for 4 dollars and thats what i used to decorate and and for goodie bags, i also used yarn and made braid crowns for all the girls,

  17. I was so unhappy about doing a Tangled birthday party until I found your ideas. How wonderful! I am so excited about this party now! :)

    • I’m so glad we could help. I must say I’m never too thrilled when my kids pick a character for a party, but once they really start to have a say I think it’s pretty unavoidable. I just try to find a way to make a party that we both can be happy with! Good luck!!

  18. Thanks for sharing!! We are definitley going to borrow your braid idea for my neice’s party. We are also going to play “Pin the braid on Princess Mackenzie” which I am SUPER excited about and she will be too because she gets to be a “Princess”.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hello me again, hehehe.

    I am still planning. I will use the template & make the Pascal Party Blowers. The gift bag is going to be a purple lunch bag with a ‘sun’ cut out at the top. Inside the bag I am going to stuff it with sidewalk chalk, watercolors and crayons- since Rapunzel is an artist. I also choose this party bag since it will be a good fit for boys and girls. I haven’t decided yet if we will using the party bags at my house to occupy the kids or not.

    Also I will get a huge poster of Flynn Rider and cut out his face and let the kids put their face in & take their picture. Then I can print the pics later as thank you postcards.

    I can’t decide what to do about the lanterns… What is everyone else doing? I am thinking of lining the edges of the lawn with paper bag lanterns and using the flameless candles and we’ll watch the movie outside at the end of the night using our outdoor projector. I just don’t know if anyone will be around still when it get dark. O well at least my kids can watch the movie & calm down at the end of the party.

  20. We had a Tangled party tonight for my 10 year old. I used several of your ideas, the cake, the banners, the food served in cast iron skillets. We made our own glass lanterns using vinyl cutouts and frosting spraypaint. My floating wish lanterns were “lost” in the mail so they didn’t arrive in time. We’ll float them later (when it’s not snowing). Thanks for all the great ideas, our party was a huge success.

    • Sounds like your party was a lot of fun — I love that you served the food in iron skillets. I had thought of doing that but believe it or not I own not even one of them! ;)

  21. Thank you so much! We just printed off the banner and paint label! My daughter is so excited for her party next weekend! Thank you!

  22. So glad I found this page! I had bought all the Tangled supplies from Wal-Mart and after seeing this, I’m returning them and making everything! The kids and I are excited and can’t wait to “borrow” your ideas.

  23. YOU ROCK!!!! I LOVE the Tangled ideas! I, too, was not at all excited when my to be 5 year old wanted a Tangled party…this is going to be my favorite of all her birthday parties! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all the creative and cute ideas (minus any tacky)…Martha Stewart has nothing on you!

  24. Hi! Someone directed me to your site when I asked if they knew of any Tangled related party favors. Thanks so much for the PDFs! I had to use your paint label as inspiration, as mine needed to say, “Thanks for coming to our party!” (My daughters are turning 2 and 4 on the same day). Our guests will love them, I’m sure!

  25. THANK YOU! I am very excited to use your ideas for my daughters end of school party. This will be fun and easy and inexpensive. Thanks for being willing to share your wonderful ideas.

  26. Do you have a link/pdf file for the Sun graphic on the banner? I’d like to just print the Sun on other party material. We’re having a Tangled party for our twins 3rd birthday in a couple weeks and I love all your ideas. I was also thinking of doing “Pin the Tail on Maximus”.

  27. Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful ideas! Just got done with our Tangled party and you were a huge help in the planning!!!!!

  28. So glad I read this! I bought some sky lanterns and was so excited to use them…then I started thinking about what would happen when they landed! YIKES! So I was wondering if we would be able to tie them down….looks like it was a success for you! Thanks!

  29. Thanks for responding so fast. I have been inspired by your site and would now be a regular visitor.
    Pictures, templates, descriptions are all top notch, thanks for sharing with us!
    Best of best

  30. Hi there. I absolutely loved all your gorgeous and clever ideas for your daughters tangled party. It has really helped me put together some party ideas for my daughters tangled party as in South Africa we do not have the best variety of tangled party favours. I was hoping you would be able to send me your tangled party bunting template. I have clicked on your link but only a blank page came up and I was really hoping to use this one idea for our party. Please could you help. Many thanks. Justine ( SA )

  31. Hi! I came across your blog when searching for Rapunzel party ideas and I love what you did! I have a question though, I was wondering where u found the pink party blowers for the pascal blowers. We have Party City here and they didn’t have solid pink ones and I cant seem to find them online either. Her party is this weekend HELP! :)

  32. I really want to cry at seeing all of this, I han planed a Rapunzel party for my daughter and had wanted to do so many things for it, but we have been having a lot of things taking over our days, well I found your post today and got great ideas, I will actually be able to do some of these things in time for the party tomorrow with a combination of bought things and home made things and it will look great, thank you soooo much for sharing!!!

  33. Hi Supermom!! Thank you so much for posting this! I love, love, love all of your creativity!! I need some help… Could you tell me where you bought your pink pascal “blowouts”. I bought some online but when they arrived, I found out the stem is too short & doesn’t fit my cut out.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Amber, I got mine at Wal-Mart. They were Barbie ones, but the Barbie graphic was just a cardboard piece that slid over the blower tube and was easy to take off. Good luck to you!

  34. You are a supermom. Great ideas; we will use them for our little princess for her 4th B-day. Thanks for sharing your family story with all of us. God has blessed you and your family.

  35. Awesome ideas!!!! I was also thinking of giving hair clips with flowers on them for party favors, to go along with her hair. :) thanks

  36. Thank you so much for posting all of your wonderful ideas! I am planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party which is Rapunzel themed and I was at a loss for crafty ideas…after reading about all of your wonderful ideas I am so excited to put this party together for her. We are having an outdoor party so I am going to use your “Paint the walls” idea when the kids first arrive. I will be stealing several of your party ideas you really thought of everything. BRAVO TO YOU!!!

  37. And the hero of the day is….SUPER MOM!! I spent months researching everything for my daughter’s Tangled party and your ideas and links saved the day! Pin the Pan on Flynn was a huge hit, the coloring sheets kept everyone busy until all arrived and stickers to go on the paint sets as a go home gift were PERFECT. Thank you for making this party fun for ME too instead of CRAZY like it usually is!

  38. My daughter’s Tangled party is this Saturday and your ideas saved the day for us! One question about the Pascal blowers…did you pre-glue the 2 sides together? What did you use? I tried regular Elmers glue, but it’s not sticking well :/

    • We actually made these twice and the first time I just used regular craft foam and the permanent glue dots to hold them together (you had to use like 5-6 dots for the whole thing). The second time I smartened up and bought the sticky-back craft foam they sell… it worked WAY better.

  39. just discovered supermommoments-wonderful site ladies!!
    Just wanted to offer a kid friendly option to the gorgeous rice paper lanterns…releasing helium balloons each holding an LED light clip. (check wedding section-Michael’s Crafts)

  40. I’m trying to print the frying pans and they keep coming out blue. Has anyone else had this problem or is it my printer?
    I just updated adobe reader, so I don’t think that’s it.

  41. My daughters Tangled themed birthday party is this 20th and i was at a lost as to what activities i could do. Thank you so much for posting your amazing ideas. You are truely wonderful. Thank you. I cant wait for my daughter and her friends to have a great time at her party.

  42. Hi! Supermommoments is great! I have a question, how old is your daughter? My girls is turning 7 next week and wants a TANGLED PARTY…i found you looking for ideas for 7 yr-old girls/boys.

    • This party was for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She is turning 7 in just a few months, and I still think she’d enjoy all the games and activities we did at her party! So glad you found us… good luck with your party :)

  43. hi. doing my rapunzel party this weekend! thanks so much for all of the idea. has anyone mentioned that the colors don’t come out right for the flags? not sure if anyone else has had that problem, but any help would be appreciated.

  44. Thank you so much for posting all of your great Tangled ideas! My daughter is in love with that movie and is turning 3 next month. Your site has me planning an awesome party! Thanks again!

  45. Hi, Thanks so much for this. I love your ideas. Quick question – on the labels for the paint favors, did you use a sticker label like a mailing type label. If so, which one did you use? I figure that would be a lot easier to do than taping them on.


  46. I was looking into the lanterns for my little girls party as well and I am a little leary about using them due to fire. Good idea with string!

  47. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful ideas! My daughter (whom we call “Belle”), thinks she’s Rapunzl. So much so, that she actually asked me why we didn’t name her that. Lol
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a fun Rapunzl birthday party for her, so I’m ever so grateful for the inspiration!

  48. Thank-you for the ideas! The pascal one is super cute. One idea my daughter and I thought of was “Hair over the wall” (sortof like fishing) We plan to toss a long braided wig over a wall, and attach the party thank-you bag to the end, and have the girls hoist them up.

  49. Thank you so much my daughter Lilly May is turning four and she loves rapunzel! Many great ideas that will make her day special!!! :)

  50. Good on you for thinking to corral the sky lantern. Not only are these things a fire hazard but they are also a hazard to farm crops and livestock. Apparently cows have been killed after eating the wire bits in the frames.

    These lanterns are illegal in several places including a city in China. Too bad there are no flameless sky lanterns. They are really pretty on a summers night floating through the air.

  51. Thank you so much for the Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider’s Head game idea and the printable frying pans. We used them today at my 6 year old’s party, and it was a hit with all of the kids! They wanted to take second turns, and my daughter was thrilled when she realized we brought it home, so she could continue playing it. :)

  52. I am looking a this right now trying to plan my daughter’s birthday party who’s name happens to be Adalie. Weird, only different spelling. We are having her Rapunzle party at a park, and turning it into the festival scene from Tangled!


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