Welcome to Piper’s Lalaloopsy Party

I’m so excited to finally share with you today all my Lalaloopsy Party Ideas from Piper’s Lalaloopsy Birthday Party. I need to begin by giving a BIG thank you to Erika over at Yellow Pear Photography for helping me out with the photos for our Lalaloopsy party.

Lalaloopsy Party Ideas #lalaloopsy

My girls adore the little Lalaloopsy dolls, and I really wanted to bring the Lalaloopsy fantasy world to life for them. I was inspired by a lot of different things as I searched for Lalaloopsy party ideas so be sure to check out my Lalaloopsy Pinterest board.

Lalaloopsy Party Table Decorations #lalaloopsy

How To Host a Lalaloopsy Birthday Party #lalaloopsy

First off, I have to tell you about Piper’s dress.

Since her favorite Lalaloopsy changes almost daily, Piper and I agreed that she would dress up as my favorite — Peanut Big Top.

Peanut Lalaloopsy Halloween Costume Doll #lalaloopsy

Peanut has several different outfits, but I absolutely love the adorable party dress worn by the Mini Peanut who comes with the toy Ferris Wheel. My cousin Laura is an amazing seamstress and created a fabulous replica of this darling dress in Piper’s size. I can’t get enough of the big, pink pom poms and that ruffly orange collar. Since the party, our dress is getting lots of use as Piper and Attalie play dress up (thank heavens they can both wear the same size!) You can buy this dress for your little doll here.

Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake Ideas #lalaloopsy

I think our Lalaloopsy cake turned out really cute, especially considering it was the easiest Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake ever! I baked a chocolate cake and frosted it with green frosting — I was going for the look of a grassy hill to set the Ferris Wheel toy on top of. I used a knife to spread on the frosting in sort of messy strokes — talk about easy! I literally frosted the cake in less than five minutes. To give the cake a personal touch I made a “Happy Birthday Piper” banner with this printable glued to wood barbecue skewers, which reminded me of the entry gates you might see at a real carnival ride.

As I mentioned previously, a lot of common items are given a new purpose in the Lalaloopsy World. Piper loves pointing out these ordinary objects that have been re-imagined (for example, she would tell you to look closely at that ferris wheel toy because those seats are actually cups). So I tried to really embrace this concept and find new uses for things at our party. Instead of a cake stand, I inverted a terra cotta plant pot, painted it a cheerful yellow-and-white polka dot and used it as a pedestal for the birthday cake.

I also made matching printable cupcake toppers. We used hot glue to attach each flag to a lollipop stick and added buttons to the top. We found these perfect accordion-folded paper flowers that had button centers (they’re meant to be scrapbooking embellishments and are called Delights from American Crafts). We also attached those to sticks and mixed them in with the flags.

Lalaloopsy Cupcakes Birthday Party #lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Printable Invitations Personalized

Lalaloopsy Party Food Ideas

In addition to the Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake, here are more Lalaloopsy Food Ideas…

The birthday girl loves Cotton Candy, and we served it up fresh in these darling black-and-white cups, which matched the stripe back of our Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Invitation. We made the Cotton Candy ourselves using this machine (see our homemade cotton candy tutorial).

I think my favorite part of the Lalaloopsy food table are the Lollipop Trees. Superdad was the genius behind this project — he made them out of cardboard. He cleverly figured out that if he cut the cardboard so that the inner corrugated lining was running up and down, we could simply slide the lollipops into the corrugated grooves without having to poke any extra holes. The trees created a lot of WOW for next to no cost since we made both trees from a recycled shipping box. I handmade the button lollipops using this mold and this recipe. We wanted guests to be able to distinguish between the lollipop flavors so we added these free printable leaf tags.

Lalaloopsy Party Supplies #lalaloopsy

This Lalaloopsy Party Decor was so much FUN to create! Just LOOK at all that fun trim on the front of the table! I can’t even tell you how much I love this Fancy Fringe Table Garland. At the craft store I enjoy strolling through the trim aisle just to play with the little ball trim and gawk at the sparkly sequins. I have been waiting for a LONG time for a good excuse to buy a bunch of trim, but since I don’t sew much, (in fact my sewing machine has probably seen more paper than fabric) I don’t have a lot of good use for trimmings. I wasn’t about to let this opportunity go by. I let myself loose in the the trim section and came out with all these fun pieces that I layered onto the front of the party food table. A lifetime’s worth of pent-up trim envy created one super-adorable table garland, don’t you think?

The birthday girl requested pizza and lots of sweets, but the Supermom in us insisted on a few healthy choices. This fantastically whimsical Tin Can Veggie Display makes the veggies look so fun and was right at home in Lalaloopsy land.

Lalaloopsy Party Food Ideas #lalaloopsy

We served Popcorn and Peanuts in glassine bags sewn closed with hot pink stitching. Download the free, circus-inspired “Popcorn” and “Peanuts” printable labels for your own party.

In keeping with the whole idea of re-purposing things (like the wooden spool sign holders), at our Lalaloopsy party we snipped the ends off licorice to make straws and instead used the straws as beads for our necklace craft!

Lalaloopsy Party Supplies Straws Necklaces #lalaloopsy

We cut black and white paper straws into one-inch pieces to use as beads. We then bagged up necklace kits for each of the guests, which included a handful of straw beads, colored pony beads and coordinating cording. The individual bags were a big help come party day making it a cinch to quickly distribute the correct amount of supplies to each of the kids.

Lalaloopsy Party Decorations Ideas #lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy Activity Ideas

As guests gathered at the party we put them to work creating beautiful Button Art masterpieces using these Lalaloopsy-inspired coloring pages. We printed the coloring pages onto white cardstock (the thicker paper holds up better to the weight of the buttons) and set it out on the table with crayons, glue and a jar of colorful buttons.

Lalaloopsy Free Coloring Pages #lalaloopsy

I’m sure that if Lalaloopsy dolls had a Ring Toss they would use embroidery hoops tossed around knitting needles — it worked perfectly!

Lalaloopsy Toss the Hoop Party Games #lalaloopsy

As a last-minute thought I grabbed my yellow sewing measuring tape to use as a starting line for the tossing games.

I raided my mom’s sewing closet to collect these colorful, vintage spools of thread for our Spool’s Eye game, which involved tossing the thread into a metal bucket from behind the yellow measuring tape line.

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Spool Toss Game #lalaloopsy

Our Loopsy Game (inspired by Twister) was a real crowd pleaser. Learn more about how we made our DIY Loopsy Game.

Lalaloopsy DIY Twister Party Game #lalaloopsy

The kids also enjoyed several classic party games like a Three-Legged Race and Red Rover.

Lalaloopsy Party Game Ideas Three Leg Race #lalaloopsy

To make things more “official” we used used inexpensive 1×2 boards to make “Start” and “Finish” line signs. Download our free printable “Start” and “Finish” signs.

Lalaloopsy Costume Halloween Birthday Party #lalaloopsy

We also had a Potato Sack Race but with pillowcases inspired by the Pillow Featherbed doll.

Lalaloopsy Party Games Pillow Featherbed Pillowcase Race #lalaloopsy

Race winners received Cupcake Liner Award Badges that I made with this tutorial. I intended to have more of these on hand, but they turned out to be deceptively difficult and time consuming albeit incredibly cute. (To be fair: I was making these after midnight the night before the party so maybe I was just really tired.)

Lalaloopsy Party Favor Ideas

I think I saved the best for last — still swooning over these Button Flying Disk Party Favors. You’ll be glad to know that they are super easy to make.

Lalaloopsy Party Favors Button Frisbees #lalaloopsy #partyfavors

HOW TO MAKE LALALOOPSY PARTY FAVORS: Buy enough colored flying disks for all your guests, preferably without any logos or writing printed on them. To transform the flying disks into buttons, we stuck on four, 1-inch black circles cut from adhesive-backed vinyl. To cut the circles we used a vinyl cutter machine but a circle paper punch might also work.

Lalaloopsy Party Favors Ideas #lalaloopsy #partyfavors

The finishing touch is our printable Lalaloopsy Favor Tags, which you can get personalized with your child’s name. The party favor tag set includes two different labels that hang charm-bracelet style from string tied around each frisbee.

What a Beautiful Mess I'm In

After the Lalaloopsy party was over I must admit my kitchen was a BIG mess. Months later the sprinkles are all cleaned up, but Piper is still talking about her Lalaloopsy birthday party… so I guess it was all worth it!

:: Popcorn & Peanuts Bag Labels
:: Lalaloopsy Food & Game Tags
:: Lalaloopsy Button Lollipop Leaf Tags
:: Lalaloopsy-inspired Printable Coloring Pages
:: Start & Finish Line Signs

:: Lalaloopsy Invitation
:: Button Frisbee Party Favor Tags
:: Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake & Cupcake Toppers
:: Party Door & Table Signs

All the stunning photos came from wonderful Erika of Yellow Pear Photography.

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  1. This was seriously one of the cutest parties I have ever seen! And how fun to have her dressed up like her favorite Lalaloopsy!

  2. wHATCHED mARTHA Stewart today and the reveal party is great and I think we are going to do it. My daughter in law is finnally with child so this would so great. I love the idea.

  3. BettiJo, I am so super impressed by this party! Elly is turning 5 in August and would DIE for this party. I’m thinking about copying all of your wonderful ideas and trying to make it happen! If I get up the nerve, I will let you know how it goes :) Thank you for all the imaginative ideas!

  4. hi I love all of your ideas this is great. I’ll be hosting a Lalaloopsy party for a wonderfull 4yr old and will probably do most of your ideas here but I was wondering, where did you get to great huge button?, you used for the coloring table I would love to get those for the party and then give them as gifts to B-day girl to decorate her room with them.

    • I got those giant buttons at Hobby Lobby. My husband spotted them for me — love them! By the way the wood bird was bought unfinished at Michaels. I think they still have them for just a couple dollars. I added a scrapbook paper background with Mod Podge then glued on the pick-stitched fabric wing and button eye.

  5. OhmyGOODNESS!!! This is sooo adorable. Even little detail is just perfect. You really outdid yourselves. Wow! I’m so sad we missed it. :(

  6. looking for coloring lalaloopsy for my doughters I’ve found your fantastic birthday picnic!!!!
    A lot of ideas for my two little lalas… fantastic!
    A great CIAO from Italy,

  7. hi! this was a great job! i was browsing the net for my daughter’s upcoming 7th bday, but this will be on may… these blog gives me ideas. thank you!

  8. Please can you tell me where you got the wonderful huge buttons from.
    I’m in the UK but really want them.
    What a lovely party, I have 2 little girls that just love everything and anything to do with Lalaloopsy’s. so this would be great to do for them this year.
    Before they get to old :(
    If you can help I’d be so grateful xxx

  9. hello, I need your help too … can you pass me the site that bought the giant buttons and how I am in Brazil gets a little complicated to get …. you do not happen to have to sell me some? already searched a lot on the internet and can not find
    thank you now

    • I just freehanded a cloud shape and cut out two layers of muslin fabric at once. Then I sewed them up with a straight stitch leaving a small gap to add stuffing like you would a pillow. Then stitched closed. I am seriously NOT gifted at sewing but these were super simple. I didn’t even try to turn under the edges just left them out. Trust me — they really are easy to make!


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