The Greatest Showman Party Ideas From My Scotch Magic Show

Today I’m sharing some The Greatest Showman Party Ideas — have you seen this movie yet? My kids and I are totally crazy about it — as in singing the soundtrack round the clock kind of obsessed. The Craft and Hobby Association’s Creativation conference was a couple weeks ago, and I worked with 3M to host a Scotch Magic Show, showcasing the gravity-defying power of Scotch adhesives. I planned this workshop last summer before I’d even heard of The Greatest Showman movie, but once I saw it in December, I knew the fun projects I had planned would be great for The Greatest Showman Party Ideas. These ideas and free templates would be fun for an Oscar viewing party or for a kids circus or magic-themed birthday.

Greatest Showman Party Ideas from my Scotch Magic Show at Creativation 2018 via @PagingSupermom

Greatest Showman Party Outfit

First let’s talk about my Greatest Showman-inspired outfit. I found this amazing black velvet tailcoat, ruffly white blouse, and tall top hat on Amazon! I have had the pink sequins skirt in my closet for years, but here’s something similar.

Can I please just tell you how much I LOVE shopping for clothes on Amazon Prime? They offer free returns for clothes and shoes so I order a bunch of things that look promising, try them on in the comfort of my own bedroom, and then send back whatever doesn’t work. The Amazon returns process is really simple too as long as you have a computer, and it TOTALLY beats hauling the kids to the store since I just don’t get very much time to go out shopping without them.

How to Make a Stage for a Greatest Showman Party

Of course a Greatest Showman Party needs a stage! I created our stage area using these black curtains and black valance hung on a backdrop stand, in front of a black-and-white-stripe backdrop. I made the stripe backdrop in under an hour using a foam-core sheet and a couple rolls of the new Scotch Extra-Wide Washi Tape. You’ll probably want to try to find the foam core sheets locally since you need the huge 4ft x 8ft boards (you might also be able to use white corrugated board). I’m crazy about the new Extra-Wide Washi Tape from Scotch, and I’ve got another fabulous project using it that I’ll show you in a minute.

I think this fun Scotch Tape Marquee Sign was one of my favorite details. Do you see all the rolls of Scotch tape going around the sign?

Scotch Tape Marquee Sign @PagingSupermom's Magic Show from Creativation 2018

Greatest Showman Party Food

I also set a treat table filled with vintage Circus candy that would be perfect for a Greatest Showman Party. Decorative glass apothecary jars displayed the sweets including saltwater taffy, red licorice, lemon drops, colorful licorice pastels, cherry sours and twisty lollipops. We also had a cute retro popcorn machine that cranked out popcorn like a champ and filled the hall with the tantalizing aroma of fresh popcorn.

Greatest Showman Party Ideas - Vintage Circus Treats Ideas - Circus Party Food ideas from @pagingsupermom

Greatest Showman Party Ideas - Vintage Circus Treats Ideas - Circus Party Food ideas from @pagingsupermom

3M Creativation 2018 Workshop - Scotch Magic Show via @PagingSupermom

Now let’s get to the fun projects! First we made a DIY Magic wand with just paper and tape. I love the Advanced Tape Glider, which is pretty much a magic wand itself with an amazingly powerful adhesive. I was shocked by how strong it held the pencils on my kids’ valentines last year — they literally would NOT come off. It wasn’t so great for Valentines, but it really opened my eyes to how strong the adhesive was.

My Magic Wand AKA Scotch Advanced Tape Glider via @PagingSupermom #ScotchMagic

How To Make a Paper Magic Wand

I figured it was only fitting that we use the Advanced Tape Glider to make a magic wand! All you need is a sheet of black cardstock, the Advanced Tape Glider and this Scotch Silver Sparkles Metallic Tape (you can find it at Office Depot, Target & sometimes Walmart).

Begin by running a bead of the adhesive across the edge of one of the long sides of the cardstock. Roll the cardstock over about a quarter-inch back onto itself, covering the adhesive. This gives you sort of a structure and then you just need to tightly roll up the paper to create a stick. Tape both ends with the sparkly tape and TA DA! you’ve got you’re magic wand.

DIY Magic Wands from just paper and tape via @pagingsupermom

Easy Mustache Straws for a Greatest Showman Party

Everybody at your Greatest Showman party can pretend to be the ringmaster with these fun mustache straws. They are incredible easy to make using Scotch Adhesive Dots, the mustache die cuts, and clear twisty straws. We actually had a lot of fun with those extra-bendable straws that can be twisted into different fun shapes.

How to make Mustache Straws via @pagingsupermom

Incredibly Easy Wide Washi Tape Banner

I used more of the Extra-Wide Washi Tape from Scotch to create washi tape banners. One roll of tape made a banner that was almost 12-feet long! This tape comes in 3 or 4 different patterns — you can see the pink chevron print in that first photo of me above. Since it’s brand new I’ve only seen this extra-wide Scotch washi tape at Target, but I’m sure more stores will have it eventually.

To make the banner you’ll just need some twine or string. Then I took a large book (20-24 inches tall), like an atlas or something, and used it as my measuring standard. Unroll tape the length of the book and roll each end under a bit and stick to the book’s surface. Then position the twine in the center of your strip of tape and fold the tape back onto itself to create your pennant. Smooth out any air bubbles in the tape. If you get a few puckers or wrinkles it’s really okay. (I promise! I was stressing over them at first, but you really can’t see them.) Fold the tape pennant in half length wise and trim off the end from about 1-1/2 inches back, clipping diagonally to the end. When you unfold the pennant it will create an inverted V. Now repeat until you have a banner your desired length.

I was curious how long of a banner I would be able to get out of a roll of tape so I just kept going until I ran out. It took me one episode of Madame Secretary to run out of tape and create the whole banner. (Is it sad that I measure projects in Netflix shows? LOL!) The finished banner is about 12-feet long.

Extra-Wide Washi Tape Banner is super easy to make via @pagingsupermom

Greatest Showman Party Cookie Medals

We made these cute cookie medals for Father’s Day a few years ago, but here is a fun variation that could be used for game prizes at your Greatest Showman party. Get my printable Cookie Medal template in my FREE Magic Show Party Pack. Just fill out the form at the end of this post to download the free template. You will also need a large, plastic-wrapped cookie and some decorative washi tapes and glitter tapes to embellish. Scotch has a new collection of iridescent washi tape that I’m REALLY excited about — you can probably spot it in the photos through this post. I couldn’t find the Scotch iridescent washi tape available online to link too, but it should be popping up in stores very soon!

Check out my Father’s Day Medals post for the full tutorial.

Fun Cookie Medal Awards - download the FREE printable template @pagingsupermom

How to Make Popcorn Cones

I think popcorn is an absolute must for a Greatest Showman party! We had this cute retro popcorn machine, and it works great. It’s so fun to let everyone have their own individual serving of popcorn in these festive paper cones. These popcorn cones are super easy to make with my free Star Patterned Paper and some tape. Check out this other DIY popcorn cone post if you want to see step-by-step photos for how to roll them up. You can get the fun star pattern paper as part of my Magic Show Party Pack. Just fill out the form at the end of this post to get the free printable pack.

Free Printable Star Print & how to make easy Popcorn cones via @PagingSupermom

How to Make Paper Mini Top Hats

Last but certainly not least, these paper mini top hats would be a fun craft project for a Greatest Showman party. These paper top hats are a bit more involved so it would be a better craft project for older kids (age 11+). You’ll need my free printable template which is available in the free Magic Show Party Pack — just fill out the form below. You’ll also need scissors, Scotch quick-drying Tacky Glue and the Advanced Tape Glider. We used some decorative tape to add a “ribbon” and bow around our hat. We attached the paper mini top hats to headbands for wearing. There are detailed instructions on the free template.

3M Creativation 2018 Workshop - Scotch Magic Show via @PagingSupermom


Black velvet tailcoat
Ruffly white blouse
Tall top hat
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider
Black curtains
Black valance
Backdrop stand
4×6-foot foam core sheets
4×6-foot white corrugated board
Extra-Wide Scotch Washi Tape
Decorative glass apothecary jars
Retro popcorn machine
Black cardstock
Scotch Silver Sparkles Metallic Tape
Scotch Adhesive Dots
Mustache die cuts
Clear twisty straws
Black & white baker’s twine
Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue
Black satin headbands

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