Charming Party Basics

As many of you know, Bettijo and I are party throwing mavens! In fact between the two of us we throw at least one baby shower a month. With everything else we’re juggling, we’ve got party throwing down to a bit of science. Of course there are always creative details that go into each party, but we have a core set of hostess items — our favorite platters and such — that we use again and again.

Supermom's Favorite Party Platter

Since these pieces create the foundation for most of our parties, we look for items that are super neutral, timeless and good quality. Of course we love to be frugal, but we also know when it’s time to make a wise investment. Wouldn’t you like to know our party throwing must haves? If so then be sure to check out our Charming Party Basics series over at

OUR FAVORITE Pottery Barn Glass Drink Dispenser

Yesterday we talked about glass beverage dispensers, which truly are staples at my parties. What is your hostess must have item?


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