Spotted: Spring + Summer Party Essential

As I was running into my local Walmart, I accidentally came across these:

simple lemonade dispenser

How perfect are they for ice cold water and freshly squeezed lemonade?? While I normally prefer glass over plastic, the fact that this particular two-gallon dispenser is plastic, makes it extra kid friendly for the back porch. At just $12 each, a few found their way into my cart…

I don’t see them online, so check your local Walmart if you’re interested. And, yes, they’re BPA free!


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3 thoughts on “Spotted: Spring + Summer Party Essential”

  1. Those are super cute!! I actually really love the style and shape. I’m going to have to hunt them down. I’ve been looking for glass ones, but who can argue with that price? Plus once they’re filled with 2 gallons of water/punch it’s not like the plastic will be wobbly. Great find — thanks for sharing!

    • These would be perfect for lemonade sales! I’m sure using the dispenser would be a lot easier for kids to use than pouring from a pitcher. Great idea!


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