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Wild + Free Cherish Bundle


We wanted to share our latest contributions to the Wild + Free content bundles. In January we were a part of their IMAGINE bundle and in this month’s CHERISH bundle we created activities inspired by the wonderful book Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

Free Printable Worksheets for Valentine’s Day


From our experience as homeroom moms, we know a fun, holiday-themed worksheet is a nice addition to class parties. In case any of you are helping plan a Valentine’s Day party (at school or otherwise) we figured this would be a great time to round up our free Valentine’s Worksheets. If you’re not on the…

Wild + Free Imagine Bundle

IMAGINE banner to go along with book A Little Princess via @PagingSupermom

We are so excited about our new partnership with Wild + Free. It’s a community dedicated to homeschooling families, but they produce a monthly bundle of content and activities that all families would enjoy. To get a better feel for the bundles you can download the Prairie bundle for free here. We love that each…

Worksheet Wednesday: Domino Math


The domino visuals on this week’s worksheets help little ones understand the concepts behind counting and adding. We recommend having your child count the dots on each side of the domino separately then count all the dots together — this method reinforces the addition concept. We are offering two levels of Domino Addition. Below you…

Free Printable Christmas Worksheets

Free Printable Christmas Worksheets via @PagingSupermom

Between sick kids, sick moms and all the other happenings this time of year, we didn’t have a chance to create a new Christmas worksheet for today. However I wanted to remind you of these fun worksheets in our archives that should interest a variety of younger grade levels. Ornament Counting :: Alphabet Tree Dot-to-Dot…

Worksheet Wednesday: Thanksgiving Math Riddle

Free thanksgiving worksheets @pagingsupermom New worksheets posted every week

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have been really into teepees (or tipis) this week. Harrison is fascinated with the Native Americans, especially the nomadic Plains Indians who used teepees for shelter. The idea that teepees could be taken down quickly, stowed away for travel and then reassembled in a new location is amazing to…