Learning to Write the Alphabet

great pre-k printable worksheets at PagingSupermom.com

With the end of another school year upon us, teachers and parents are working together to make sure Pre-K students are ready to enter kindergarten. Of course, learning the alphabet is an essential skill, so fun worksheets to help your little one master the alphabet (or to assess where he is in the learning process) definitely come in handy.

This week’s worksheet is an alphabet fill in with all lowercase letters. I made a simplified version and an advanced version with more blanks. When your child is ready, we offer printable lined paper of all sorts for more writing exercises.

If you’re still working on all uppercase letters, we have posted an uppercase version of this worksheet as well.

:: Simplified Lower-case Fill-in Alphabet Worksheet
:: Advanced Lower-case Fill-in Alphabet Worksheet

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  1. I cannot believe every printable and every worksheet is perfect for my son, struggling at school, these are clear and so lovely,. thank you


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