Worksheet Wednesday: Mad Lab Math

So today was pretty hectic as you can tell by the fact that it’s past 9 pm, and I’m just now getting Worksheet Wednesday up. I’m so worn out and was very tempted to skip today’s post, but we have such a fun worksheet to share, and I didn’t want you all to miss out. Do you remember the pop-up Mad Laboratory we created for Spooktacular September, and the fun Mad Lab coloring page? Plus my annual Halloween dinner party will have a Mad Scientist theme this year, and we’ve been playing with beakers, blacklights and lots of fun stuff. I guess you could say we’re on a bit of a Mad Lab kick, so this is the perfect opportunity to do some fun, counting worksheets.

Mad Lab Math Free Worksheet at

I designed three versions of today’s worksheet with varying degrees of difficulty. These worksheets are designed to help children practice counting by twos or one hundreds as well as practice figuring out what comes between.

:: Mad Lab Printable Math Worksheet

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