Little Acorns

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My late Grandpa’s headstone reads: “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” I love the saying. It’s hard to imagine my Grandpa as a young child; and it’s equally hard to imagine my little boys all grown up. I’m reminded every day though, they are getting closer and closer to that inevitable outcome — thanks to my Grandpa’s quote and my boys’ new obsession: You guessed it, acorns.

Ever since we discovered the book Acorns Everywhere by Kevin Sherry at the library, my boys have become infatuated with acorns. With just a handful of words, this book is a simple yet entertaining read. On numerous occasions Harrison and Liam have both sat by me for several minutes — my boys are active, so that’s a VERY long time in their world — while we make up stories with the pictures, practice reading the words and talk about squirrels storing food and the autumn season.


Yesterday after another enjoyable read, we headed over to our art table for some coloring fun. I had thrown together an acorn dot-to-dot for Liam, anticipating his continued obsession with acorns. He loved it!

Ready for a fun acorn day, too? Download your free Acorn Dot-to-Dot worksheet.

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  1. I am positive the boy’s great grandfather would be very proud of the way you are raising your sons. How much fun it is your boys love acorns! Just don’t let them eat them! :)


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