It’s A Sunshiny Worksheet Wednesday!

preschool counting math worksheet printable free

We have summer on our mind! Harrison’s 3-year-old preschool graduation is this week, and we are counting down Liam’s last days of Kindergarten. Plus, it was 106 degrees here in Phoenix yesterday. Can I just say we are SOOOOOO ready for our pool? So, with summer in mind, I present to you our Sunshine Counting Worksheet.

And, by the way, I mentioned preschool and kindergarten graduation… be sure to come back later this week for some fun graduation snacks and printables Bettijo and I created.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Sunshiny Worksheet Wednesday!”

  1. Mind sharing the graduation stuff a little early? My son is graduating tomorrow night. It snuck up on me!
    Thanks for posting such great printables!


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