What Time is It?

To help you with whatever Summer School efforts might be going on at your house, this summer we’re going to be doing “Worksheet Wednesdays!” We’re going to offer a free educational worksheet to download each week.

Clock Fill-in Free Printable Math Worksheet

I’d forgotten just how much time I end up spending sitting on the couch nursing a newborn. From my favorite nursing spot there isn’t a good view of a clock, and since I don’t wear a watch, it’s been handy that my oldest is beginning to tell time. She’ll go in the kitchen and look at the clock for me. If she can’t quite figure out the exact time, she can at least read me the numbers.

Since I’ve developed a new appreciation kids who can tell time, I decided to create this fun Clock Fill-in worksheet. It’s similar to one Atty did during kindergarten, and I wanted it for Piper to practice with. You can download the printable Clock Fill-in Worksheet here.

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