Pre-writing Worksheet

We’ve had several requests for toddler-friendly worksheets, so I’m happy to announce that today we oblige! This is a great pre-writing worksheet for your toddler to trace the various lines as he learns to follow directions and grip the pencil. Also, this is a good way to reinforce what is up and what is down as you trace over the assortment of bumps.

Bettijo suggested giving this worksheet to your older kids for practice of their fine cutting skills. If you need a simpler cutting exercise, be sure to check out our Shooting Star worksheet from a couple weeks back.

4 thoughts on “Pre-writing Worksheet”

  1. Thank you! My daughter (3) loves these worksheets. Sometimes she doesn’t quite get the number ones BUT she will love this one. Thank you so much for sharing your creative works and giving quiet time in our house a little more educational meaning. :)


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