Wild + Free Cherish Bundle

We wanted to share our latest contributions to the Wild + Free content bundles. In January we were a part of their IMAGINE bundle and in this month’s CHERISH bundle we created activities inspired by the wonderful book Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

Printable Quotes from the book Heidi


If you haven’t read Heidi recently we highly recommend it. The story is delightful and so inspiring. I thought I had read it as a child, but as I began to read it recently, I found I didn’t really remember it at all. Heidi’s example of pure love and faith was actually just what I needed to encourage me along right now in life. My girls are now reading it, and I hope they will love it as much as I did.

I think we explained before but Wild + Free is a community dedicated to homeschool families, but each month they offer a bundle of content and activities that we think all families would enjoy using. For this month’s bundle we created several worksheets inspired by Heidi. We also shared those colorful quotes shown above. You can get these quotes as an instant download by filling out the form at this end of this post, but you can only get these worksheets in the bundle.

Activities and Worksheets inspired by the book Heidi

This month’s bundle includes more ideas for hosting a Heidi book club with friends including discussions questions, several craft ideas and menu for a mountain picnic just like the daily lunches Heidi enjoyed up on the mountain with the goats.


There is also a gorgeous baking tutorial including a simple bread recipe, and if you’ve ever wondered about homeschooling, the CHERISH bundle includes several informative articles that I can’t wait to read myself.



If you want to get a better idea of what the Wild + Free bundles are like you can download the PRAIRIE bundle for free or go here to purchase the CHERISH bundle.

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