Presidential Election Ballot for Kids

My husband is pretty into politics so with the big presidential election coming, the kiddos have been getting an earful. My oldest caught on and was pretty torn up that she wouldn’t get to vote.

Kids Voting Ballot for Presidential Election 2012 #election #vote #kidsvote #ballot

Then at dinner a few days ago she suddenly said, “Hey mom! I have any idea for your Supermom blog: You need to make a kid’s vote.” Great idea Attalie! So we have here a fun, educational and totally unofficial kid’s voting ballot.

Kids Voting Ballot for Presidential Election 2012 #election #vote #kidsvote #ballot

Your little ones will love casting their own vote on the big presidential race, but the other questions provide an opportunity for you to teach them about America’s two major political parties plus the symbols and colors associated with each. Download our free printable kids ballot for U.S. Presidential Election 2012.

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