Worksheet Wednesday: Imagination Workout

With holidays and such we’ve missed a couple Worksheet Wednesdays, but we’re back today with an extra special worksheet designed by my own clever super daughter Attalie.

She loves color, art and pretty much anything creative. One of her favorite activities is what we like to call “Imagination Workouts.” Attalie tells me she got the idea in art class at school. The first I saw of them was a worksheet she created totally from scratch. It featured a hand-drawn grid that was not at all straight but very cute! (If I was really Supermom I would have remembered to take a picture of it — it was SO precious, but I fear it ended up in the trash.)

Imagination Workout Free Printable Art Worksheet

Well Attalie really wanted me to share this idea on the blog. So we decided I would use the computer to create a nice straight grid, and then she would hand draw in the lines and shapes in each of the boxes. Download Attalie’s Imagination Workout worksheet for you kids!

Since the worksheet involves creating 11 mini pictures, this is an activity that could keep your kiddos busy for a good stretch of time (Score! Right?). Plus it is really interesting to see what the kids come up with — it surprises me at just how creative Attalie can be, and also I’m fascinated to see what things she’s got stored away in her brain (like that Route 66 sign?!) This is not just a worksheet for kids either! Everybody at our house enjoys working on these.

If you like Attalie’s worksheet please be sure to leave a comment for her below because she has been really looking forward to *her* Worksheet Wednesday.

Imagination Workout Free Printable Art Worksheet

23 thoughts on “Worksheet Wednesday: Imagination Workout”

  1. I LOVE this worksheet and think that both of my daughters will have fun with it too! They are 9 and 4, both love to draw and create and color and all that fun stuff…thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks, Attalie! We will use this on our upcoming road trip – Zia (9), Jagger (5) and Tallulah (5) will all LOVE it! – @H

  3. What a fantastic worksheet! My kids are going to love it! Thanks! (is there a way to print it as a PDF?)

  4. Attalie, this is such a great worksheet, Patrick (6) and Catherine (4) both love drawing and Patrick has suggested that if you wanted to make it even more fun, you should try and make it a story or a comic strip as you do the drawings. Thank you so much for the great idea. Keep telling your Mum all your good ideas!

  5. thanks Attalie! I’m printing it out and plan on using it with my art students when school begins in a few weeks – so fun!!

  6. Attalie, brilliant activity. I’ve been drawing squiggles for my kids but each had different squiggles. I like that they can have the same and appreciate what others see in them. Thanks

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this fun activity. I might make extra copies for those moments when the kids are distracted and need something calm to do.

  8. Saw this today at Honest to Nod. Will be printing off copies for upcoming road trip. Tell Attalie she is still generating interest and excitement for her project!

  9. Thank you sooooo much Attalie!!! This is DEFINITELY going into my art sub folder! Keep that creativity flowing sweet girl!!!

  10. This is an excellent worksheet, Attalie. I can tell you are a super smart girl….you could come run my art room sometime here in Georgia!! :)

  11. Thanks, Attalie, it’s a lovely idea. My class of 4 and 5 year olds love drawing, and challenges, so we’ll happily have a go at this :)

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