Worksheet Wednesday: Intro to Compasses

Since Liam’s last day of school is tomorrow (YIPPEE!!!), we’ve been busy making summer plans. Between all our vacation phrasings (up north to the cabin… down south to the time share… west to Santa Monica… northeast to Chicago… northwest to Nana’s—yes, we travel a lot), Harrison has started using these directional phrases. (My favorite being this demand: Do that on my EAST hand!) Although Liam understands directions remarkably well, Master Harrison — still just three years old — hasn’t grasped the concept quite yet.

Enter this week’s worksheet: Intro to Compass Fun. I’m looking forward to brushing up my old camping skills and actually teaching my boys to use a compass this summer. (They’ll be shocked to discover that a compass refers to more than just an app on their various Apple devices!) Anyway, this worksheet is the perfect starting point.

One last thing before I head SOUTH to meet Liam at school: I’m very curious what direction is your family headed this summer?

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