Worksheet Wednesday: Silly Faces Feelings Worksheet

I’m not sure where this Feelings Worksheet came from, but my little guy LOVES playing with my face. He gently demands I make all sorts of crazy smiles and crossed eyes and whatnot. Lately when we color together he’s been requesting I draw him various silly faces with wild eyes, spikey hair, uneven smiles, buckteeth and unexpected color combinations. I thought this week’s Feelings Worksheet would be a fun way to include him in more of the wild face drawings.

feelings worksheet teaching children about emotions

With the “hard part” done, little ones can easily add special features. In fact, I think older kiddos will have just as much fun creating wild expressions, and it’s an easy way to teach kids about emotions. To add a little bit of handwriting practice, I included lines to describe the various face emotions — this can make a fabulous conversation starter and an excuse to practice a tiny bit of handwriting. This is a perfect summer worksheet to sneak in a bit of education in a totally fun way.

While I originally intended this as a kindergarten or first grade worksheet, I could actually see this Feelings Worksheet being useful for a wide range of ages — helping kids learn to describe and communicate their emotions or feelings. Perhaps even for children that have been through some sort of trauma and need a safe way to express how they are feeling.

I think most moms teach their kids the alphabet, numbers and animal sounds, but learning about emotions and how you’re feeling are also basic skills that would be smart to teach early. Another simple way to teach kids about feelings is to help point out certain feelings when you see them expressing them. For example, when my kids are really grouchy at night — I’m sure as a mom you know what tired looks like, but my kids always insist they don’t want to go to bed. I will tell them, “this is what tired feels like.”

Download your Crazy, Happy, Silly Faces worksheet here!

And with that, how are you feeling today?

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