Worksheet Wednesday: Counting Sets

Piper’s kindergarten teacher was recently telling me that it takes young students a while to catch on to the concept of numbered sets. Grouping things into sets is a strategy that adults do almost automatically to figure things out quickly, but this approach is not so obvious to a child. So I created this worksheet to help Piper practice.

Free Counting Worksheet -- a new free worksheet every Wednesday from #freeworksheets #worksheetwednesday #preschool

Download our free Counting Sets worksheet. When counting the first set, the child will find that there are 20 dots. Each of the subsequent five sets have the identical layout but are missing dots from the set. A student who does not understand the sets concept will insist on counting the dots in each group to figure out the correct answer. This approach is normal and fine — it will provide excellent counting practice.

For an older child, help them see the group of dots as a set, and instead of counting each up, have them look at how many dots are missing from the set. This more advanced approach reinforces the numbered sets idea and introduces subtraction concepts. Now you’re ready to play dominos!

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