Worksheet Wednesday: School Handwriting

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Yikes! My boys have Meet Your Teacher this Friday — summer went WAY too fast! Technically we are ready for school to start: I’m prepared for our traditional back-to-school breakfast; I’ve washed and pressed their new school uniforms, and we’ve even pre-packed their new backpacks. But the reality is, we are not ready… We want MORE play time! So, in an attempt to get Harrison excited for kindergarten (kindergarten!!!??!), we’ve been doing a worksheet every day this week together. Since this worksheet included a backpack, Harrison loved it.

Use this back-to-school worksheet to help your little ones get a bit of writing practice before the first day of school! Or even give it to your preschoolers to keep them busy while your older Superkids prepare for the upcoming school year.

Download our free printable Back-to-School Handwriting worksheet.

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