Worksheet Wednesday: Printable Periodic Table

Free Printable periodic table

My son Liam LOVES math and science, and since I’m in the midst of re-doing his room, I created this Periodic Table to hang on his wall. So today’s worksheet is a little bit different — it’s not so much a working worksheet as much as it is a fun coloring page and a great opportunity to introduce the Periodic Table of the Elements to your kids.

If science isn’t one of your Supermom Powers, don’t get overwhelmed! This site breaks it down to simple, introductory terms so you can easily explain the Periodic Table to your littles.

Here are a few ideas to get your discussion started:

:: Point out everyday elements.
Point out that exciting things we see every day — such as the Gold on your ring and Helium in floating party balloons — found on the periodic table. Help them find symbols to elements they may be familiar with — Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), Helium (He), Copper (Cu) and Iron (Fe).
:: Explain that elements can’t be broken down.
Just like letters are the most fundamental unit of a word, the elements found on the Periodic Table are the most basic units of matter. Various elements (letters) put together create all gases, liquids and solids (words) around us.
:: Talk about water.
I think my boys thought I was a brilliant chemist when I explained that water is a compound scientifically known as H2O to scientists because it’s made up of two Hydrogren (H) atoms and one Oxygen (O) atom.

If your kids are fascinated with science, be sure to check out our Mad Lab with a free printable of a giant Pop-Up Mad Laboratory backdrop — that backdrop just may find its way into Liam’s room, too!

Click here to download our Printable Periodic Table of the Elements.


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