Worksheet Wednesday: Graph Paper

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Since this post is about our new graph paper I suppose you’re expecting me to write a story inspired by Liam or Harrison’s newfound love of architectural design–and although my boys love this paper, I really created it with me in mind.

When my Dad is not busy being a SuperPapa, he fills his extra hours being an Architect. Growing up, I watched my Dad take notes, create building sketches and write letters on really cool graph paper notepads nicely branded with his logo. (I should have known I was destined for advertising and design then!) Shortly after Bettijo and I started Paging Supermom I designed my own Paging Supermom branded graph paper to be just like him. (I wonder if I can get his Architecture firm to use my version instead?)

But really, graph paper is so versatile. Your kids can probably come up with a million uses for it–to get them started, here are some ideas:

Make Mazes :: My brother used to create elaborate mazes on graph paper. I specifically remember the “warp zone” destination where I would be transported to another page… then another page… then another page. Come to think of it, I’m not sure it ever ended!
Organize Your Math :: Use this paper to line up the ones, tens and hundreds columns while helping your kids learn long division and other mathematical equations.
Draw Rooms to Scale :: Using our measuring worksheet, help your kids measure items around your home then draw to scale on the graph paper.
Doodle :: With just a few random strokes, see what your kids can come up with.
Play The Dot Game :: Ever played the dot game? Having your dots line up perfectly with this graph paper printable, you are bound to have more fun–if you’re a little OCD anyway!
Design a New Backsplash :: Create a fun pattern for your kitchen backsplash or bath tile.

What will you do with your graph paper? Download our free Graph Paper Printable here.

6 thoughts on “Worksheet Wednesday: Graph Paper”

  1. My ghost quilt I am making is being designed on this wonderful graph paper! Thank you! Graph paper is my favorite way to design everything.

  2. I use it for making spelling puzzles, making graphs, and showing students how tall or long letters are in spelling. I am a first grade teacher. Thanks for having it online for free.

    Keri Elliott

  3. Do you carry the graft paper in larger sizes? I am designing sweaters and need graph paper pages like 24″x24″ using 3 sq’s per inch;
    4 sq’s per inch; 5 sq’s per inch, and 7 sq’s per inch. Do you do mailing as I have no printer to accommodate these larger mats.


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