Worksheet Wednesday: Dinosaur Footprint

Bettijo and I just finished shooting a fun and colorful Dinosaur party (which we’ll show next week). Of course with all the fun dinosaur games and decorations we had out, my little Harrison was intrigued.

Free Printable Dinosaur Worksheets and Coloring Pages via @PagingSupermom

So we put together a couple quick worksheets — a dot-to-dot and a tracing version of a dinosaur footprint. This week’s worksheets are geared towards preschoolers learning to trace and those needing practice counting to 10. You could even use them for cutting practice.


Download our free Dinosaur Footprint worksheets.

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  1. Thank you so much! We are using these for my sons party! Also, thought I would mention that there is a typo on the “Trace a Dino Footprint.” It says “fotted,” but it should be “dotted.”


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