Thanksgiving Activities

Still looking for a few more quiet and self-entertaining activities for your Thanksgiving kid table? Here’s the Paging Supermom autumn printable collection, including the new Thanksgiving handwriting worksheet:

Thanksgiving Words :: All new worksheet for your little ones to practice writing simple Thanksgiving words
Acorn Dot-to-Dot :: Simple connect-the-dots drawing
Leafy Patterns :: Early math skills made fun
Autumn Words :: Worksheet for your little kids to practice writing and coloring classic autumn symbols

Here are a few other non-coloring activities that we plan to play:

Cross the Sea :: This sounds like a fun way to get everyone involved in some serious exploration!

Turkey Tong Fun :: My boys love using kitchen tongs, so I plan to set up an activity using large tongs. Simply fill a small bucket with large, light weight items such as a pinecone, a “turkey” feather or a small hacky-sack-sized football. Have your child move the items from one bucket to another using the large kitchen tongs.

Serving A Feast :: Using a small plastic serving tray or cookie sheet, see how many food items your child can stack and walk across the room without spilling.

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