Worksheet Wednesday: Silly Spring Math

A couple weeks ago Liam came home from kindergarten with a homework assignment very similar to our Silly Spring Math worksheet. Liam loved decoding the secret message, and once Harrison discovered what was going on, he was hooked, too. So what’s a Sometimes Supermom to do? Make another worksheet with a secret message of course.

I’ve kept the math simple—perfectly suitable for kindergarten and up. Actually, these addition problems may be simple enough for some preschoolers to follow along, too, as it counts only as high as 12.

Download your Silly Spring Math worksheet printable here!

3 thoughts on “Worksheet Wednesday: Silly Spring Math”

  1. My 5-year old daughter loved this! She asked for more sheets like this – thanks for posting.

    • Thanks for letting us know your daughter enjoyed the worksheet. We’ll be posting similiar ones throughout the summer–so be sure to check back for more!!

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